10 Most Popular Semi-Precious Stone Beads And Their Meanings

10 Most Popular Semi-Precious Stone Beads And Their Meanings

Many jewelry crafts like to use semi-precious stone beads in their pieces. Some just like the look, while others use the stones for their associated meanings. This list of the 10 most popular gemstone beads and their meanings can act as a reference guide to the beginner.

#1 – Amethyst

This purple stone is one the most popular throughout the world. Once was considered more precious than diamonds, there were great stores found in South America. Used to provide clarity and intuition and has been used to encourage recovery from addiction and sobriety.

#2 – Garnet

This dark red stone has always been a popular semi-precious stone bead. The birthstone for January, it works well with almost any other material you want to pair with it. Long associated with love, passion, and loyalty, some people have used them to enhance the imagination.

#3 – Onyx

This stone has a wide variety of colors and has always been popular. Traditionally thought to banish grief, it has long been associated with protection, wisdom and happiness and has been used to break bad habits and increase grounding and relaxation.

#4 – Jasper

This stone comes in a variety of colors including green, yellow and orange. Its high history includes using as a protective stone, deflecting negativity and stress. It was also widely thought to increase mental clarity focus and stamina.

#5 – Sodalite

This blue stone has long been used to gain inner peace. A beautiful stone of thorough blue with white throughout, it is associated with mediation, spirituality and thorough thoughts. This stone makes beautiful necklaces, rings bracelets.

#6 – Tiger Eye

This high stone is often used in men’s jewelry. A protection against the Evil Eye, it also is thought to give emotional balance, confidence and grounding. It is one of the oldest stones that has been used as a talisman for protection.

#7 – Moonstone

Its shimmering iridescence reminds one of the moon, hence the name. Associated with creativity, good fortune and intuition, it has long been connected to spirituality and is considered a passion stone.

#8 – Labradorite

This beautifully smoky stone bead has long been used for faith and destiny. Though to increase psychic ability, it also will increase intuition and has long been connected to magic.

#9 – Quartz

This beautiful stone comes in a wide variety of colors and clarities. One of the most shared of the semi-precious stones, it has long been used for mediation and healing. Each color or kind of quartz will have their own rare uses and associations.

#10 -Topaz

This yellow stone comes in a variety of hues and intensities. It is considered the stone of balance and calm. It is also thought to promote compassion, empathy and kindness. Favored by scholars and artists traditionally, it was thought to aid higher thinking.

Using semi-precious stone beads in your work will give it a beautiful look. Understand the traditions and associations behind them, you can create some beautiful pieces that may be thought specific.

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