3 Star Hotel Accommodation – Enjoy 5 Star Lavishness at an Economical …

3 Star Hotel Accommodation – Enjoy 5 Star Lavishness at an Economical …

I am a voyager. I love cities and I am a hard-chief explorer. When it comes traveling, the three most important things that come to my mind are – a good quality vodka, my music player, and a good pair of sunglasses. So, did I miss out anything? Yes, possibly my sun block lotion. While these are some of the basic items in my huge travel kit, one thing that I can’t miss out is the accommodation. Although I love adventure and traveling, I need a place to rest at the end of a tiring day. While a 5 star hotel is the perfect splash of luxury, it’s simply impossible to provide it in these trying financial circumstances.

The splendor of 5 star hotels – A fleeting review

Five star hotels supply guests with first-rate accommodation and solution, and deliver sets beyond the standard needs. You’ll enjoy beauty, comfort and luxury at a single go. The stardom is all about presenting a grand and lavish life for the customers in an exclusive approach. In a nutshell, everything is posh and perfect. You usually find them in major cities and famous tourist spots. Needless to say, all these come at an extremely soaring price, and the shared people cannot really provide them.

Benefits of putting up in 3 star hotels

This kind of accommodation is the perfect choice for those living on a stringent budget – both family in addition as businessmen. Although they cannot provide a 3 or 4 star resort, they need a comfortable stay. There are three types of rooms obtainable – deluxe, superior and luxury suites. Usually, these hotels offer eatery or restaurant, 24/7 Wi-Fi internet connection, parking slot, business conference areas and 24/7 room service. Depending on the room size and hotel facility, the accommodation charges are pretty lower than the 5 star resorts.

3 Star resorts – First-rate accommodation at a pocket-friendly rate

For the standard and middle-class people, 3 star resorts are a lot more hassle-free than 5 star hotels. From the bedroom and lobby to guest room and banquet hall, everything is elegantly furnished. The staff offers top-quality service to the guests. As for the rooms, they include basic amenities like television, telephone, bed, sofa, cupboard, dressing table, cupboards, attached bathroom and a few additional facilities.

Besides, you’ll also find a decent eatery shop and bar, health club, gymnasium and a swimming pool. Sometimes, they also offer free car parking and transport amenities. Usually, one finds these 3 star hotels in business areas, suburbs and tourist regions. Although you’ll enjoy the same amount of comfort and luxury as any 5 star hotel, the pocket pinch is a bit lighter than the other one.

Settle on the right choice – Make your stay worthwhile

Today, you’ll come across a range of 3 star hotels in any tourist locale. However, hitting upon the best one is not an easy job. The internet is an excellent way to browse by your options and strike the best deal possible. Again, if you have friends and relative who availed such 3 star amenities in the past, consider taking their valuable advice.

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