5-Tips For Mom Entrepreneurs To Get Down To Business

5-Tips For Mom Entrepreneurs To Get Down To Business

If you’ve ever attempted to get anything done with a toddler around, you know it’s no cakewalk. It’s a challenge to do the dishes or the laundry (shower, anyone?) let alone real, potentially lucrative work. Here are 5 ways that you can get down to business, already if it method doing these things between phone calls, diaper changes and mealtimes:

1-Find a need and fill it

Stop staring at the competition. Don’t take someone else’s idea or existing business, tweak it, and try to call it your own. Take a look at your life, your needs, wants and desires. What would make your life easier? What would help your friends do X with if you produced Y? Filling a void in the market is, in theory, a cinch. Once you find a need, fill it. And not by thinking about it, talking about it or dreaming about it-do it.

2-Create A Plan Of Action

Do not write-up a business plan. Don’t already Google the words “business plan.” Mom entrepreneurs don’t have time to put together a lengthy, heady write-up of profits, losses and EBITDA (wha?) Sketch out your plan on one-just one-piece of paper with a pencil. Get the gist? Then dive in. Try things out. The more you work on your business idea, the more thrilled you will be to see it in action-and it will keep you building.

3-Work With Your Kids, Not Around Them

Stress being the killer that it is, skip it altogether. Don’t fret the childcare or sweat the pick-ups/drop-offs. Incorporate your child’s schedule into your work day. Teach them to play the Silent Game while you’re on the phone. Have them stack files or create art for you. And when that noisemaker screams during your conference call? Skip the embarrassment-a whole lot of people also have kids.

They’ll understand


4-Embrace the web

The interwebs are your friends. You don’t have to get sucked into Facebook or Twitter all day long, but don’t stay away, either. Make sure you’re connecting with folks who can help you along in your business. Find local groups like The Founding Moms where you can meet up with fellow mom entrepreneurs confront-to-confront. Grow your network who will, in turn, help you and your business grow.

5-Meet up with fellow mom entrepreneurs

There’s nothing like meeting someone in-person. You should embrace the web and all that it has to offer. But, get out of the house. Not only will it bring you great joy to smile at other human beings, but your kids will appreciate staring at new walls, too. Shake hands, give hugs, and swap stories about the trials and tribulations of being a mom entrepreneur.

You’ll thank yourself.

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