6 Effective Natural Mosquito Repellents

6 Effective Natural Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito Season is here! With so many repellant choices to choose, I am often asked which ones are safe and can be made at home, without unhealthy chemicals. Here is a list of 6 basic oils that are great for combating mosquitoes and other insects:

1. Peppermint Oil: has countless health benefits: helps with stomach aches, menstrual cramps, morning sickness, indigestion, heart burn, sinus issues, however spiders and insects despise this oil.

Recipe: Mix 1 part peppermint oil with 10 parts rubbing alcohol and place in a plastic spray bottle. Spray your skin, clothes, around the house etc. You can mix with other oils, such as lemongrass, eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Thyme oils. Want to keep your skin smooth and soft? Try adding some vitamin E capsules to your peppermint oil solution.

2. Citronella: health benefits include: can help with wounds, is antibacterial and can help with bladder and stomach issues. It also can help with the colon, stomach, prostate and kidneys. It can hinder fungal growth and makes a great deodorant.

Recipe: Mix 2 cups of water with 5 drops of geranium basic oil, 10 drops of lavender basic oil, and 20 drops of citronella basic oil.

3. Basil: health benefits include: kidney sustain, continue normal cholesterol levels, treat mouth infections, and can help treat ringworm and insect bites.

Recipe: Mix 2 cups of water, 5 drops of lemon basic oil, 10 drops of basil basic oil, and 20 drops of citronella basic oil, and place in a BPA free spray bottle.

4. Sage: health benefits include: It contains high levels of Vitamin K, not found in many foods. Vitamin K helps with bone density and certain skin conditions, such as eczema and Psoriasis. It is also used for kind II Diabetes, which can help control glucose stores in the liver, preventing large fluctuations of blood sugar. Throw a bunch in the fire pit when outside to ward off bugs.

Recipe: Mix 20 drops of Sage basic oil into glass jar. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera. Mix the contents and smudge on to your skin and clothes.

5. Thyme: A fabulous cleaning and anti-fungal agent, try rubbing thyme leaves between your fingers to release its oil. It has shown to raise your mood and well-being.

Recipe: Mix 4 drops of thyme oil to every teaspoon of olive oil, or mix 5 drops for every 2 ounces of water. Add a few drops of lemon eucalyptus oil into combination.

6. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus: Great to add topically to the skin to prevent mosquito and deer tick bites and may help with treating toenail fungus and joint pain. Do not ingest this oil.

Recipe: Mix 50 drops of lemon eucalyptus oil, 1 tablespoon real vanilla extract, 4 ounces total of rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, and 4 ounces of soybean oil or coconut oil. Add rosemary. Use on adults, or kids over the age of three.

According to the CDC, lemon eucalyptus oil can be as effective as DEET in repelling mosquitoes. Children with DEET toxicity can experience lethargy, headaches, tremors, involuntary movements, seizures, and convulsions. There are hundreds of natural recipes to ward off mosquitos and other bugs, and with many people choosing to stay away from man-made chemicals such as DEET, many basic oils work just as effectively or already better!

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