7 Characteristics of a Bad Web Design

7 Characteristics of a Bad Web Design

Did you know that one of the easiest things to do when it comes to web design is creating poorly designed websites? Unfortunately, from the time websites become en vogue up to the present, there are nevertheless web designers who are guilty of doing this. The situation becomes already more dumbfounding considering the progress web designing has made in terms of technology, knowledge, and skills; these bad characteristics should have been deleted by now. Some of the shared features of bad web design are:

  1. Bad colour scheme. Colours are supposed to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the website but this is not the case always. Some websites make the mistake of using light colors as text, use glaring colors as background, and a sight for sore eyes by a mix of colours like yellow and pink with violet as background.
  2. Loading takes time. This is one problem with making a web site very colourful and with lots of special effects, it makes users frustrated as loading tend to be slower. consequently, beauty and interesting information in the site is totally forgotten because a majority of web users do not have the patience to wait for page loading.
  3. Default page does not fit computer screen. already if the user is using a 32inch LCD, the entry page of the site visited nevertheless needs scrolling down or sideways to view other parts of the complete page. And this is not good as users want the whole thing outright. They are looking for information, not bonuses and points in a video game.
  4. Cluttered arrangement. Until now, you see web pages where different important tabs are not aligned together. They are instead plastered in different portions of the page. As a consequence, users will have a hard time finding the necessary button to click because the buttons are distributed.
  5. Text that are difficult to read. Not only does the web designer utilise glaring colour for the font, the size is also a problem. For example, if your website is geared towards senior adults, how can you expect them to read the text when already if they enhance their vision, it is nevertheless unreadable due to its size?
  6. Lots of junk materials in the front page. Are counters really important? Do you need to highlight awards instead of content? Do you need to broadcast your profile in the entry page before the transaction page? These are just some shared errors with regards to front page loading and bad features of a web page design.
  7. More frames than the page can manager. Because of advances in web design technology, multiple frames are no longer current. Yes, it has nevertheless some usefulness but not to the point of loading too much frames in the web site.

Indeed, just because the page is colourful or has lots of interesting articles, it is already an allurement for users to flock and keep loyal to your website. The above ideas suggest that a good web design is not about taste and preference exclusively but also includes functionality and navigation.

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