About Abu Dhabi Transportation

Let us discuss the various method of transports in Abu Dhabi.

Firstly, the Airport

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is there. The airport acts as a great number to the Ethihaad Airways.

Personal means

As Abu Dhabi will develop, the population will increase. This will also consequence in the increase in traffic just like Dubai. The main mode of Abu Dhabi Transportation is having a personal means only.


This is another popular mode of transport standing next to the option of having a personal means only. I was there in 2008 and then the taxi rates were 2 Dirhams plus 0.50 Dirhams per Kilometer.

There are three major categories of taxis in Abu Dhabi.

The cabs that are owned by the transport companies fall a bit more on pockets than the normal cabs.

The difference is close to 15 Dirhams.

The newer cabs can be distinguished with their silver color from the older ones that have white, gold or yellow as their chief colors.

The ruler here decided to remove these older cabs from the city just to give this Emirate an thoroughly newer feel to the tourists here.

Limousine Standard Taxi sets are the ones that provide a user with some of the luxurious options to choose from. The drivers are good and so is the condition of the cars. The following two are the most popular ones:

· Al Ghazal [Tel (+971) 2-444-7787]

· (National Transport Company) NTC [Tel (+971) 2-622-3300]

These numbers can well be contacted to book the Limousines and become a part of the crowd that takes this car everywhere they want to.

A driver if knows the city well can help you make reach your destination faster and more quickly. That is why the Limos are a better option. The taxis are cheaper but the drivers are also not more trained than the Limos.

Things that you should notice while you take a cab; Make sure that the driver you are hiring knows the language you are speaking, mostly English. Also, make sure that they are permitted to excursion in every part of the Emirate.

Take your time and talk to the drivers. There are some license plates and some legalities that might ask your cab driver not to excursion in another Emirate.

What I recommend is that you ask your hotel to book a cab for you. They will make the complete course of action smoother.

Rental Cars

To enjoy the city more freely, opt for the option of renting a car. For renting a car, you first get an Abu Dhabi map, this will help you understand the city in a better way and will prevent you from getting lost I the city.

Public Buses

In the present route, the buses can also be opted to travel in the city; also, they are the major mass mode of transportation. As much as four newer routes were also developed in 2008 for the growing needs of the population here.1000 routes are planned to be completed by 2010 seeking the growing needs of Abu Dhabi.

Buses are sighted as the mode of future because the taxis are losing on the business. It is also affecting the government dearly.

Light Rail System

As of 2008, this is also a mode of Abu Dhabi Transportation.

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