Advantages of Solar strength and Why You Should Fit It to Your Home

Advantages of Solar strength and Why You Should Fit It to Your Home

The advantages of installing solar strength. The British Government have recently taken the initiative in making grants obtainable, not to householders, but to installation companies for the installation of Solar strength on privately owned homes.

This method that you can have all the Advantages of Solar strength without the cost, without the headache and they do it all for you.

So what’s the catch? Well, there are possibly 2 catches and maybe some others I haven’t heard of in addition, but firstly, you won’t get all the advantages of Solar strength yourself because part of the contract is that any excess energy you generate, which in an average Solar strength installation will amount to about £800 per year will be recouped by the installation company. Secondly, you will probably have to pay for all the connections and the new meter etc. that are needed to connect you to the National Grid and allow electricity to go from you back to them.

You WILL assistance from cheap electricity during the times you are producing it, ie. daylight, but then when you are using electricity later on, you’ll be using theirs at a reduced rate too.

So there are nevertheless advantages of Solar strength to be attained from the government initiative, you just don’t get the best one, which is the money back.

So what can you do with Solar Electricity System once you have it installed? You can cook with Solar strength, there is an item you can get called a Solar Cooker, which basically, you place your food in, it cooks it and there’s no by-products, no waste, no carbon output etc. You can supplement your strength supply with some kind of wind turbine, a wind powered electricity generator that will work most days when there is wind. You cross link your Solar panels to an range of batteries and this provides save strength for when the daylight fades. When set up correctly, you can easily become self sufficient for your electrical needs.

If you want all the advantages of solar strength, my advice is don’t take the governments offer as it is aimed at stimulating the market for the priviliged few who will get the contracts, not at the consumer and helping him reduce his bills. My advice is build your own or, if need be, save up the £3000 ($4000) and pay for it yourself, this way you get to make money in the long term and save money in the short term. Good solar panelling should last between 20 and 30 years, so you stand to gain between £16,000 and £24,000 over the lifetime of the equipment, not taking into account inflation or other effects of monetary changes.

The Sun is on everyone’s horizon and will be there for many years to come. Save the planet, save fuel and save money. Use all the advantages of Solar strength.

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