Amazing Fidget Spinner – Buildbox Game Template

Amazing Fidget Spinner – Buildbox Game Template


Do you thinking of launching a great new app?
This is the right place to be!

This amazing ” Amazing Fidget Spinner ” game was built and designed just for you.
>We worked hard to bring you this new app! Amazing Fidget Spinner is fast-paced gameplay and quirky character were especially produced to entertain both kids and adults.

This Product is ready for the App Stores and will keep the user entertained in moments of boredom throughout the day.

Once you open the App, the Main Screen you can choose Play or Challenge Button which will take you to Level Game Mode, How To Menu will give insight how to play game and also having Buttons for Restore buy and Reset Settings Button. 

Check our .apk File Demo Game : Amazing Fidget Spinner Demo Game ( this is only for demo purpose for you to have look at gameplay )


Revenue Opportunities:

  • This App has many Ads possibilities that will allow you to capitalize your investment quickly.
  • Sell the obtainable space on your App to maximize profits, the more your users click on the Ads, the more money you get.

The app includes:

  • Interstitial: Admob,  ( some of other Ad Networks can be integrated in game )
  • Banner Ads: AdMob, 
  • Rewards Video Ads; HeyZap
  • In – App Purchases : Remove Ads from Game ( Non-Consumable )
  • Leaderboards and show high score
  • Facebook Button
  • iOS and Android Source Codes
  • BuildBox Projects ( 2.2.8 )


  • Xcode 8
  • Eclipse Game Engine
  • BuildBox 2.2.8
  • Photoshop


  • Download all files
  • Extract all files
  • Follow documentation files

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