America’s Servicing Company – Everything You Need To Know

America’s Servicing Company – Everything You Need To Know

Americas Servicing Company based in Frederick, Maryland, roles as a supplementary of the Wells Fargo Bank, National Association. The greater part of Americas Servicing Company mortgages were shaped by lenders, and then sold by them into the secondary market. consequently, Wells Fargo essentially was not involved with the beginning or endorsing of the bulk majority of loans which was serviced by the ASC.

It is known that ASC can be very difficult to work with and already harder to get in touch with in the first place. They usually require that one has been in terms with them for over a year before they agree to present a workout plan.

ASC is the shared label employed for their business because they believe that some of their competitor companys want them to avoid the Wells Fargo name allied with their work. However, ASC also ensures that their customers would receive the same level of assistance provided to customers with loans issued by Wells Fargo.

ASC is more of a servicing company than a mortgage lender. ASC Mortgage collects payments on loans, but however they do not provide loans themselves. ASC Mortgage is known to service mortgages from many nationwide lenders including federally insured mortgages issued by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae along with the ones made by Wells Fargo.

Being a servicing company they act as a middle party linking the lender and the borrower. ASC collects payments on loans and spread the funds to the appropriate parties as lender, tax payments and home insurance premiums. Doing so, they charge the lenders for this, not the consumer. ASC Mortgage is known to provide 24 hour access by the internet. However, this security setting of this site being password activated can only be accessed by people who are in contact with them or working with them. Nevertheless, there have been some complaints from certain customers about the ASC because of the difficulty to approach them.

Neither does ASC Mortgage provide any kind of mortgage refinancing, nor do they present anything along the home equity lines but they might work the payment gathered from other lending agencies. If one is having problem with their payments they may meet the criteria for a obtaining their help in a loan alteration course of action. The contact numbers of the ASC are listed below-

Website helpline- 888.674.1430

Loan alteration program helpline- 800.662.3806

General Fax Number- Unknown location 866.590.8910

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