Amethyst Crystal Gemstone For Psychic Development, Spiritual Enlightenment And Much More

Amethyst Crystal Gemstone For Psychic Development, Spiritual Enlightenment And Much More

Amethyst Helps With All Sorts Of Psychic Development

Amethyst is bright when you first start out in psychic development as they help you to stay balanced and centred. For this reason they are good for energy work too and have a strong healing energy about them. Because amethyst has a calm and serene energy and because it helps to focus your thoughts, it is excellent at assisting with meditation and encourage visualisation skills.

Amethyst also stimulates the third eye chakra so enhances our natural intuition and psychic gifts so is great to use as an amulet, or to carry as a tumblestone or similar when doing psychic development exercises.

If you wish to take things a step further pop a piece of amethyst under your pillow at night to encourage intuitive and precognitive dreams. You will have the double advantage that it also helps in the understanding of those dreams which can be the tricky part! Be aware though that amethyst can also encourage ‘Out Of body Experiences’, especially if you have a natural inclination to them.

Amethyst Crystals Help With Spiritual Wisdom And Insights

With a stone that encourages meditation, focus and visualisation there is little surprise that it is thought to be a meaningful help to those seeking spiritual wisdom and insight. Amethyst is however, also said to encourage the combination of spirituality with shared sense, helping us to give consideration to spiritual matters within the context of our everyday life and society. This encourages an integration of our spiritual side into all aspects of our lives which I think is a positive thing.

Amethyst Crystals Help Protect Against Psychic Attack

Amethyst has many qualities which make it useful in all sorts of psychic protection applications. Firstly it helps to cleanse the aura and to balance and link all the different layers of our auras. Having a strong, clean energy around us helps us to ward of negative energies.

Amethyst has a way of changing negative unhealthy energies, whether they are from a person, electronic equipment or by geopathic stress into positive loving vibes. Combining this with its highly spiritual vibration makes it a powerful gemstone in guarding against psychic attack, auric vampires (those that leach our energies, whether they realise it or not), or simply people around us being a bit negative.

What Else Does Amethyst Do?

In addition to all these wonderful qualities, Amethyst helps with emotional balance, it is cleansing and healing and helps us to conquer all sorts of addictions and blockages meaning that it can help us to deal with challenging events and situations and find the energy to move on.

I love amethyst, and it looks great as jewellery too so have a go with it and see how it could help you in your development.

And here’s a fun fact for you, it is said that amethyst was traditionally worn to prevent drunkeness – not that I’m suggesting you try that theory!

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