An Honest Review on Powerup Capital Kishore

An Honest Review on Powerup Capital Kishore

My brother and I had attended Kishore Ms CFD course 3 years back and within 9 months, we made $80,000 and bought a Toyota Vios for my mom.

Just last year, we had attended his forex course and today, we are making money from almost most of our trades on a daily basis.

Then this is just from my own experience. Do not believe a information I say until you have read my review.

We paid Kishore M over 3000 Sing Dollars for the CFD and forex course and made over 10 times that investment.

More than 20 students had volunteered to sustain Kishores initiative in making a difference in a developing country like Malaysia and Singapore.

Im glad that he had taught me how to trade because in this recession with the education system that we are all in, we would be just holding a piece of paper(degree) but not have any jobs because universities dont guarantee a job but charge us huge fees.

I have recovered all my course fees which I had paid Powerup Capital but if I am jobless, I dont think I would be recovering my university fees.

As far as the sustain from powerup Capital is concerned, Kishore M offers the best sustain,

1) we get daily alerts,
2) weekly live trading tutorial confront to confront with Kishore,
3) online forum where seniors help the juniors,
4) coaches are stated to us,
5) We can log into powerup live trading room every week
6) Online chat sustain up to 11pm in the night

From my knowledge and experience, no one would offer such thorough sustain.

As far as Kishore Ms credentials are concerned, he is a certified hedge fund manager. A hedge fund manager knows how to trade every thing from forex, futures, options, cfd, commodity etc.

Kishore just happened to teach options first instead of forex since Asia is an equity pushed market and people are more familiar with stocks and were looking for ways to hedge their portfolio hence options make a perfect fit not forex.

Now with the recession people are looking for ways to diversify their portfolio and are open to learning new trading instruments and forex being one of them.

In terms of reputation, my research tells me that Powerup Capital advertises the company using pictures and testimonials in Malaysia the same way he advertises in Singapore.

In Singapore, unless and until one can prove the testimonial are from real people making real profits one cannot publish the company in the newspapers.

Have you seen any Malaysian forex trainers advertising in Singapore? No this is because they cannot.

In Malaysia you can advertise and write in any case you want in an ad and no one would ask for proof.

Did you know majority of the forex trainers are Kishores ex-students who have either learned options or forex from Kishore?

To name a few, they are Terence T, Lily Thnieh, David G, and Koomar.

So this is just the background of Powerup Capital.

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