Ants: The Pesky Picnic Pests

Ants: The Pesky Picnic Pests

If ever there was an unwelcome guest at a picnic, it is an ant. Ants are all over the place and all you have to do is step outside and stare at the ground for a few minutes to see one, or see hundreds of them. Since they are so tiny, it is easy for ants to make their way into your home and already if you do not think you have a problem, just leaving spilled juice or a drop of ice cream on the floor overnight will create one. It is as if an all-points bulletin goes out to every ant in the neighborhood and all head to your house for a feast. If you want to avoid a serious ant problem, it is important to understand how ants function and then take measures to avoid having them go into your home.

Ants rule a similar life to bees in that they characterize swarming behavior, they live in a colony, they have a queen, and certain ants play certain roles in colony life-like guards, warriors, and nurses. Ants are smart little creatures and they set up systems in their colonies that allow them to get a great amount of work achieved. Some ants already understand how to grow crops near their colonies to satisfy their fellow colonists. Some scientists already compare ant culture to the development of intelligent man and they cite a number of ways in which ants and humans are similar.

While ants are typically seen as a nuisance to homeowners, they truly work in many of the same ways as spiders do. Ants help eliminate other pests. In a best case scenario though, you would not be battling any insects in your home, so if you are thinking about adopting a colony of ants to excursion away other nuisance bugs, you probably have better options. Ants can be destructive to corn crops, so if you have corn in the garden, you may want to keep an eye on the pesky critters and find ways to ward off them from your corn stalks.

It is important to remember that there are different kinds of ants. While your usual run of the mill brown ant will do simply tickle if it should happen across your skin, fire ants bite and hurt. There are also larger species of ants that can cause damage should they come into contact with your skin, so deal with ant problems in your home according to their level of seriousness. While a few random tiny ants here and there can be tolerated, a colony of fire ants living in your bathroom should be dealt with swiftly.

Lastly, be sure you are not bringing ants into your home on packages, produce, and other foods. Since ants will come running to your outdoor picnic, they are likely to make their way into blankets and picnic baskets, holding on for dear life in hopes of grabbing a few additional morsels. If you have enjoyed time outside, shake out all of your items before bringing them indoors, launder blankets and clothing that were with you, and rinse out dishes and containers as soon as possible.

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