Artist Jolomo to showcase new exhibition of paintings

John Lowrie Morrison OBE, known as ‘Jolomo’ and recently named in the Sunday Times as one of ‘Scotland’s 10 Greatest Ever Artists’, opens a major new exhibition of paintings at the Strathearn Gallery, Crieff on Saturday 7 May.

One of Scotland’s most iconic, popular and famous painters, John Lowrie Morrison OBE, will be opening a new exhibition at the Strathearn Gallery, Crieff from 7 May.

‘The Croft and the Lighthouse’ is an exhibition of over 40 new works focused on Argyll and the Western Isles and in particular, on the two types of building that have fascinated Jolomo since childhood.

John’s ‘obsession’ with crofts dates back to his family’s roots on the Isle of Harris: ‘My father was from there.. The family is nevertheless there with many (many) cousins and not just in Harris but also Lewis, the Uists and the Isle of Skye. I’ve been obsessed by croft houses since my first visit to the family croft on Harris as a child in the 1950s – that visit made an indelible mark on my soul.

‘The croft house to me signifies hard work and resourceful people. I’ll not include figures in my paintings but I’ll paint a ladder leaning against the croft house .. or an open door or gate … footprints in the sand .. showing that someone was there. I just love painting croft houses and I feel quite emotional about it as it makes me think of my forbears and how they lived.’

Studying architecture at school and Glasgow School of Art gave John a thorough appreciation of buildings integral to Scottish culture: ‘the chimney pots or stocks of a croft house – all different. Sometimes the corners are sharp, sometimes curved, to stop the corner whistling in a high wind. Everything in the design of a croft house is there for a reason.’

Path to the Wee Lighthouse at Crinan, by Jolomo

Please to be again exhibiting in galleries, John is seeing a continued and strong need worldwide for Scottish scenery painting: ‘Scottish scenery painting has had a long life, going back nearly 250 years. To me, it was starting to die off during the 90s, but I definitely think this form is very healthy again, as it deserves to be, bringing great joy to so many.’

Susan Bennett, owner of the Strathearn Gallery, said: ‘We’re delighted to be welcoming John to the gallery again – a relationship going back to the gallery’s opening in 1994.. John’s exhibitions have always been popular and busy with the gallery at its most vibrant and colourful. With John being so well-known and learned about at school, we also see many family visits to the gallery so we hope it helps inspire the next generation of Scottish artists.’

‘The Croft and the Lighthouse’ by John Lowrie Morrison OBE opens at 10am on Saturday 7 May and John will be in the gallery between 3pm and 5pm.

All works will be obtainable to view on the gallery website

Contact the gallery at: [email protected] or 01764 656100 for further details or to register interest in the exhibition. Exhibition runs until 5 June.

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