Ask The Love Psychic, "Is My MAN Cheating?" (The Sure Shot S…

Ask The Love Psychic, "Is My MAN Cheating?" (The Sure Shot S…

Why do so many men cheat? Why are so many husbands unfaithful to their wives…already when it appears like everything is “perfect” on the outside looking in? Are men simply hard wired to be unfaithful, or is it that we are picking the WRONG men, or not giving them what they need at home that causes them to stray?

The truth is, with our 24 hour, 7 day a week news blitz society, it’s impossible to IGNORE the fact that so many men seem to be cheating, straying and simply being serially unfaithful to their partners.

In JUST the last year alone…

  1. We’ve seen Governors’ get exposed for affairs and children out of wedlock
  2. We’ve seen famous politicians get exposed on social networks for not only cheating…but for all sorts of inappropriate behavior with strangers
  3. We’ve seen famous athletes, movie stars and ordinary men alike getting caught in a wicked web of disappointing those they love most…simply for the momentary pleasure of additional-curricular relationships that NEVER seem to go far. (other than ruin the relationships these men already have at home)

The weird thing is, no matter how many times you hear the opposite, and that women are as guilty of cheating as men, we RARELY hear about women doing the same things to their husbands, boyfriends or life partners.

The Good news?

As an emotional empath and love intuitive, I know that MANY men do not cheat. Many men are truly happy with their partners, feel 100% fulfilled, and wouldn’t dream of being unfaithful to the person they love most in the world. So if you ARE in a relationship now, and are worried, there is hope.

Signs a man is cheating?

Very simple.

Sudden Emotional Distance is #1 (pulling away)
extreme change in schedule (unexpected absences)
Change in dress or personal turn up
A Change in personal hygiene, (especially colognes, fragrances and specialty items)
New friends (and friends he does NOT want you to meet)
New online accounts and/or PRIVACY rules (i.e. – new email addresses, cell phones or rules for how easy to reach his “digital world” is to you)

Of course you don’t need to be deeply psychic to see some of the above happening. Just follow your own intuition, go with your gut and TRUST your instincts if something feels off.

Remember you aren’t alone in addition…and that hundreds of thousands of women right now have the same fears as you. (and in many situations, there truly IS nothing to worry about at all)

Lastly, don’t be embarrassed to reach out and ask for help if you don’t know for sure. As a specialized intuitive for many years, I know that the most shared questions I got was asked were about relationship,s and more often than not, my callers and clients were women just like you!

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