Ball vs Spikes – Unity Source Code

Ball vs Spikes – Unity Source Code


Before buying this asset please check an already existing version.

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This is a complete Unity Asset, build by using Unity 2018.4.23f1.

All you need is to make your own Logo Image, change sound FX and ADMOB Advertising ID. 

Don’t worry there are documentation to help you out, it contains everything about setup!

AdMob network are implemented.

In the Documentation you can find detailed information on how to use this project.

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Feel free to contact on this email: [email protected]

We are only responsible for helping you get the original downloaded asset started!

We are not responsible for any of your changes, so we suggest that you check the existing version before purchasing it.


Easy Setup Configurations!

Easy to Re-skin!

AdMob Interstitial implemented!


Unity 2018

Your own Graphic and Sounds

Your AdMob Interstitial ID


Step 1 : Import project to Unity 2018

Step 2 : Change graphics, sounds, game icon

Step 3 : Change Admob Interstitial ID

Step 4 : Build

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