Be Grateful!

Be Grateful!

“For what?!?!” I may hear some of you utter, under your breath, “What have I got to be grateful for?”, is a normal response for so many people, “I’m not earning enough!”, “I didn’t get my promotion!”, “I only got a £1000 pay-rise!”, “Urgh I only live in a 4 bedroom house!”, “Oh I have a son, but I really want a daughter!”, “Oh but I haven’t got this, that or the other!” STOP RIGHT NOW!!

Let’s take a thorough breath in and breath out really slowly, and another thorough breath in, let every ounce of Oxygen fill your lungs and now breathe out slowly, listening to your heart as it slows down ….relax ….relax …..relax ….NOW open your mind, look at the things you’re surrounded by, your home, your family (already if they can annoy you at times), your computer, your ability to read this, those lovely thorough breaths that you just took that filled your lungs with some much needed oxygen….think about the list of positive things you have around you and that list is endless, is it not? It’s these things that I want you to focus on NOW!

The very first law of allurement is Gratitude. One of the things I have learnt over time is that if I’m not grateful for the ‘little’ things I’ve been blessed with, how can the Universe trust that I’ll be happy with the slightly bigger things, or the already bigger things or the huge things that come to me?

Have you ever known someone who is regularly complaining about how rubbish their life is? How they never seem to win anything, how ‘so and so is lucky because they have money’, or they have a nicer car, or a bigger house, or better job or, or, or, or……Now I can see some of you nodding your heads vigorously in agreement, and now the $64,000 has that ever been you? I know it has been me in the past! My goodness, I never seemed to be grateful for anything that I had, from having a roof over my head, to having an income, to having great friends….and the most important thing I learned, was that my without of gratitude was bringing more and more negativity my way, from redundancies, to money problems….to, well, to all sorts of issues.

The universe kept sending me warnings, but as I was in a negative/without of gratitude state I just kept ignoring all the signs. Until one day something quite big happened in my life that made me re-estimate everything that I was doing mentally. The main thing I learnt was that my without of gratitude had brought about a profound wake-up call and I had to finally sit-up and take observe, I couldn’t keep wallowing in my ‘without of gratitude’ life, it was doing me no good at all, in fact it was having a major detrimental effect on my health. Being told that I potentially had breast cancer was one of the worst moments of my life and that time of waiting for my test results has been amongst the hardest that I have ever had to confront, I am one of the lucky ones as my tumours were benign but I am so grateful for them every single day, because, had it not been for that, I may nevertheless have been living in the without of gratitude state. Since then I have kept a gratitude journal and every morning and every evening I thank the universe sincerely for blessing me with good health, amongst a whole list of all the things I’m grateful for everyday. The shift that occurred was really quite amazing, doors began to open, more and more positive people came into my life and I found that I was waking up in a more positive state, ok, I do sometimes have less than positive days and that’s fine, at the end of that day I do my best to learn the gratitude lesson and move onwards and upwards.

So how can one move out of the ‘without of gratitude’ state? Well like me, everyday, first thing in the morning, write down a list of at the minimum 5 things that you are grateful for, that happened to you the day before. By doing this first thing in the morning, you are setting yourself up to have a very positive day, which method that tomorrow morning you’ll have a few more things to add to your gratitude list from today, which method you’ll have an already better day, which method the day after that will be already more positive and so on and so forth. Do this every morning for at the minimum 21 days and I potential you, you will start feeling the shift from without of gratitude to an abundance of gratitude, which method the Law of allurement will begin to work in your favour! By opening yourself up with gratitude you are opening yourself up to start receiving more of the things you want…go on give it a try….what have you GOT TO GAIN?

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