Beat it Bugs – Some Organic Gardening Pest Control Tips

Beat it Bugs – Some Organic Gardening Pest Control Tips

Most gardeners love planting vegetables and watching the little plants grow from a seed. It is a very enjoyable hobby. However, when insects move into and ravage the plants, it can get quite irritating. There is nothing more frustrating than watching your hard work go down the drain in this age old battle, the gardener versus the insect. There are many organic gardening pest control tips that can help the gardener get the edge on its unwanted visitor without adding poisonous chemicals to the area that you are growing food for your family.

Organic gardening is popular. It is healthier to eat produce that is insecticide free. Most insecticides in the stores are filled with chemicals. It is always a question if just washing off produce truly gets rid of the chemicals.

Attracting good insects is always a great insect control plan. Good insects kill the bad ones that tend to eat the plants. Around the edges of your garden plant flowers that will attract the advantageous insects. Examples of the plants are marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, daisies and dill.

If you have a small family garden, handpicking the insects off of the plant may be considered. However, this job can also excursion you crazy. The bugs will continue to come back or more will come in its place.

You can consider making your own homemade “bug juice”. Take about one half of a cup of bugs and smash them up in two cups of warm water. Run this by a very small colander that you do not plan on using again. Put this into a spray bottle. This bug juice tends to deter new ones of that species. It is deterrence.

If smashing bugs is not for you, try another recipe for a natural spray. Finely chop up some hot peppers and soak them into a pint of water overnight. Strain them and put into a spray bottle. Spray onto plants. This spray will work on vegetables in addition as flowers. You can also use garlic in place of the hot peppers.

As people are calculating that there is a value to food that is grown without chemicals and additives, organic gardening is becoming more popular. Growing fruits and vegetables without pesticides is a great way to provide food for your family. Using insects, different types of plants and homemade sprays all are effective at controlling the insect population in your yard and garden.

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