Belfast City Centre: Cycle lane and enhanced footpath on Castle Place …

Work is underway to complete a brand new cycle lane and enhanced footpath in Belfast city centre.

Work on the new cycle lane and footpath at Castle Place commenced on October 18 and is set to be “significantly completed” this week.

The works form part of Belfast City Council’s P ublic vicinity Environmental Scheme for this location, and were funded by the Department for Infrastructure’s blue/green infrastructure fund.

The Council’s future city centre programme seeks to address challenges facing the area including the emerging retail, tourism and hospitality scenery and the need to reimagine and diversify to future-proof the city centre.

It aims to reimagine the city centre by addressing the importance of vitality, the diversification of land, promoting mixed uses, open and green spaces and community infrastructure.

Work began on the new enhancements on October 18

meaningful strands of this programme include physical regeneration and environmental improvements.

In a statement to Belfast Live on Friday, November 26, a Department for Infrastructure spokesperson said: “The Department for Infrastructure commenced work on a cycle lane and enhanced footway at Castle Place on 18 October 2021.

“The works form part of Belfast City Council’s Public vicinity Environmental Scheme for this location and have been funded by the Department’s blue/green infrastructure fund.

“The works are due to be significantly completed next week.”

After the Primark fire in August 2018, a pop-up play park was located at Castle Place junction, opposite Bank Buildings.

The park was popular with children passing by the area and remained in place until the cordon was lifted.

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