Best Technology and Pricing From RIDGID Woodworking Tools

Best Technology and Pricing From RIDGID Woodworking Tools

If your business or hobby is woodworking, you need the right strength tools. And if you are looking for affordable, lasting and powerful plumbing and HVAC tools, RIDGID must be the brand for you. Based on Elyria, Ohio, RIDGID is a company that manufactures woodworking tools for both entry-level and high-end market. Their products include strength saws, hammers, sanders, drills, drill presses etc. Depending on your job, you can choose from the company’s cordless combo kits or stationary equipment.

Shop and Stationary Tools

All of RIDGID’s bench, table and stationary equipment come with a detailed manual for assembly and usage. With the Magnesium base build, you are guaranteed of stability and vibration-free processing from your stationary tools. additionally, the design and color of the tables and fixtures provide maximum visibility of your work piece. Lighting will never be a problem because most tools are equipped with LED. They are installed close to the bit to illuminate the section being cut or drilled.

Looking for a specialized woodcutting tool? Take the RIDGID TS 36610 for example. This table saw is designed for extended working hours, making it appropriate for production line assemblies. The induction motor with 1 ½ HP TEFC equipment guarantees that the machine won’t fail you for a lifetime. The 1 ¾ inch-thick granite table saw guarantees comfortable woodworking. Because it is resistant to rust, you can work with minimum vibrations and maximum accuracy. Similar with other table saws from the company, the TS 36610 is user-friendly. Its large hand wheels allow accurate control on heavy work pieces.

Next is the R2900 Fixed Base and drop Router kit. This impressive 2 ¼ HP router kit has an RPM range of 10,000 to 23,000. However, the speed control is technically not variable. Instead, it uses 9-speed step settings. Instead of rotating turret, the control of drop thoroughness is simplified by an adjustment knob. To give enough mobility for the woodworker, the device has a 12-foot long cord.

The R2900 also has many additional features that other router kits do not. Most users commend the LED attached to the router base. They light up the work piece just fine. However, the LED is not very effective unless you will work on a faint-lighted room. Dust control is another special characterize. The removable chip protect takes care of the larger debris while the drop base collector covers the complete base opening. This is located around the bit. As a consequence, the dust and chips are not sent flying everywhere. It also has an outlet which can be attached to a shop-vac, making clean-up easier. For less than $200, this is a must-have for your woodworking shop.

If you are a weekend woodworker or just a hobbyist, the RIDGID BS1400 is the right band saw for you. This is an entry-level tool which is the perfect upgrade for your old jig saw and scroll saw. Because it is very light-weighted and quiet, it is best for backyard woodworking or already inside the house. The combination of the 15-amp motor and tension adjustment options makes it a smart-buy. However, it has a limited motor strength. consequently, this tool is not recommended for production-oriented woodworking shops. Cutting speed is considerably reduced when cutting or re-sawing hardwood. Before buying, also consider that the unit does not include a miter gauge or fence upon buy.

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