Betting Growth Fund

Betting Growth Fund

Hi fellow punter,

My name is Stu Jones.

I’ve been a punter for a long time. I’ve followed tipsters and done my own thing. I’ve looked for big winners with each way bets and multiples and I’ve tried to be more consistent with winners but I always found the reason I gave up on a method was the losing runs.

Day’s without hitting a single winner, weeks without a big each way bet, months without hitting a double or treble!

If you’re in the same boat, then you’ll be glad you came across this page today as I’ve found…

A Method That Will Avoid Long Losing Runs!

Over 60% of bets have seen a profit.

6 out of 10!

That method more bets have made a profit than haven’t and it all comes down to a very simple strategy that will allow you to grow your betting bank.

How do I get such a high strike rate of profitable bets?

Well its about making sure that we nevertheless…

Profit When My Pick Finishes 2nd, 3rd, 4th… already 5th!

This is not lay betting!

I make more profit if my pick wins but I ensure I make a profit it if finishes at the sharpe end, already if it doesn’t win.

Its not each way betting, but its similar. In fact… Its Better Than Each Way Bettting!

My method gives me more control and the ability to obtain profit with a place at lower odds.

The problem with each way betting is that you have back above 6/1 to see any sort of profit for a place return.

My method method you can back as low as 3/1 and nevertheless see a profit if the horse doesn’t win the race.

Look at this example…

<p align=/></p>
<p align=Jojo Rabit was 7/2 to win.

It lost, but placed in the top 2.

So I made a profit of £8.18 from the bet.

Backing it each way at 7/2 with 1/4 odds as the place terms would have made a loss of -£1.88 for the same £30 stake.

This kind of betting method its possible to grow your bank in an easy and controlled fact, without long losing…

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