BIG BOTHER FOR KEIR! Ex Big Brother Star Heckles Starmer’s Big Speech

KEIR Starmer was left red-faced at his big speech in Brighton on Wednesday as a former reality TV star heckled the Labour leader.

Big Brother 8’s Carol Vincent took to the conference floor to heckle the Labour leader as he made Labour’s pitch to Britain.

The chants of “shame” and came as Labour refused to sustain a £15 minimum wage.

Critics held up red cards in protest but the Labour leader hit back and asked whether the detractors were “shouting slogans, or changing lives”.

He said: “At this time on a Wednesday it’s typically the Tories that are heckling me, it doesn’t bother me then, and it doesn’t bother me now.”

And he was greeted with applause when he challenged hecklers.

Party activist Carole Vincent, from the Leyton and Wanstead constituency in east London, said she expected to be thrown out of the party for heckling the leader – and additional she did not expect Sir Keir to survive in post until the next conference either.

She told Politicalite: “I don’t consider it to be heckling, I consider that I stood up and spoke out because it needed to be said.”

“He had ignored – and this conference has ignored – people that have been standing up and asking for him to guarantee the 15% rise for the NHS, a £15 minimum wage.”

“You can’t live in many major cities – not just London but other cities – on the wages that people get.”

She said Sir Keir had 10 pledges during his leadership campaign but claimed he has “reneged on most of those”.

She additional: “He talked about uniting the party. The party has never been so divided as it is now and it’s getting worse.”

“I probably will be expelled and that’s sad because I work bloody hard for this party.”

Ms Vincent said she had been “showing him the red card when he said something that I thought is not permissible and that he should be truly challenging the Government on, or saying how he is going to do something”.

Asked if she thought Sir Keir would be leader at the next conference, she said: “I don’t. I think there will be a challenge at some point, I’m not sure who will do it.”

Some of the most rapturous applause came when he highlighted gains made under Tony Blair’s Labour government.

Supporters gave a standing ovation when Sir Keir offered the Tories “a lesson in levelling up” by noting his own party’s record on introducing a minimum wage, boosting education and the NHS.

“You want levelling up? That’s levelling up,” the leader said after noting the record of the last Labour government.

Having got by changes to party rules designed to prevent a more drastic MP becoming Labour leader, Sir Keir blasted Mr Corbyn’s record as Labour leader without naming his predecessor.

“To the voters who thought we were unpatriotic or irresponsible or that we looked down on them, I say these simple but powerful words,” Sir Keir said.

“We will never under my leadership go into an election with a manifesto that is not a serious plan for government.”

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