Bilateral Total Knee substitute Treatment: A New Way to Look at Surge…

Bilateral Total Knee substitute Treatment: A New Way to Look at Surge…

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that can affect one joint or multiple joints. It can cause pain and stiffness in the affected area. When these symptoms occur on one or both the knees, it indicates that the cartilage in the joints has worn away. Bilateral total knee substitute treatment is done by the knee surgeon to replace the damaged joints for relieving the symptoms.

During the bilateral total knee surgery substitute treatment, the knee surgeon will replace the damaged areas of the knee joint with an artificial knee called prosthesis which is made up of plastic, metal or ceramic. This will help to restore nearly all function of the damaged knee and relieve the arthritis pain. Often the doctor will recommend this surgery of the pain in the knee has been interfering with the daily activities and has negative effects on the quality of the life of the patients. Most of the times, this surgery is done on people over 60 years as younger people tend to use out their artificial knees more quickly.

When the harsh arthritis affects both the knees, the knee surgeon will suggest the bilateral total knee substitute treatment. However, since it involves more risk so it is typically recommended only for those who are:

  • Physically fit
  • Motivated to undergo the physical therapy and rehabilitation post surgery to regain their mobility
  • In overall good health

The bilateral total knee substitute treatment may include one surgery or two surgeries. If both the knees are replaced at the same time, this is known as at the same time bilateral knee substitute. If each knee is replaced at a different time then this is called as a staged bilateral knee substitute. Either the surgery may include any combination of the total knee substitute or the uncompletely knee substitute. The knee surgeon will help you decide what is best choice for you.

The assistance to have a bilateral total knee surgery in an ideal candidate include only a surgical event with anesthesia, shorter overall hospital stay, and the ability to rehabilitate both the new knee replacements at the same time. The advantage of the bilateral total knee substitute treatment includes the lower stress level for the cardiovascular system i.e. on the heart and lungs in addition as a low risk of blood transfusion requirement post surgery. Generally, this procedure is best for the elderly and/or obese patients and those needing serious medical issues. This procedure is not promoted in the older patients or obese ones with substantial health conditions such as lung, heart and/or vascular disorders as they would be at higher risk for the meaningful perioperative complications.

The bilateral total knee surgery method that both the knees are replaced at the same time. It is comparatively uncommon to have arthritis in both the knees to reach the same degree at the same time wherein a bilateral would be considered by the best knee surgeon. In such situations, the decision to have the bilateral total knee substitute treatment is one of convenience as the one newly operated knee and one knee nevertheless painful and stiff from arthritis can make for a difficult recovery.

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