Boneless Chicken Breast Is the Cheapest, Tastiest and Healthiest Food …

Boneless Chicken Breast Is the Cheapest, Tastiest and Healthiest Food …

Boneless chicken breasts are very low in fat, but high in protein. More importantly they are bursting with flavor! The boneless chicken breast is like a blank canvas just waiting for you to put your tasty touch on it. The possibilities are endless!

One of the best aspects of preparing a chicken breast is marinating it. You can combine elements that you probably have in your fridge to make delightful marinades, or make your own dry rub with seasonings in your spice cabinet. Be creative! Lemon juice, garlic, black pepper, rosemary, soy sauce, hot sauce, spicy mustard, dijon mustard, curry, barbecue sauce, sweet and sour, buffalo sauce, pesto, beer, and wine are just a few examples of simple marinades or dry rubs.

At a backyard barbecue, everyone will be filled with joy as you serve your delicious meat to the adults and children and teens. They will eat the meat and be happy about the taste. They will also receive many health benefits.

These delectable cutlets are so easy to prepare. You can serve them with so many different types of foods in addition. Tacos, salads, pasta, sandwiches. The list goes on and on. One of my favorite styles of boneless chicken breast is curry. With some potatoes and chick peas on the side you are sure to be in culinary heaven as you eat this delicious and healthy meal.

There are two excellent ways to soften your meat before cooking. The first one is brining. Simply mix salt and water then let your boneless chicken breast soak in that combination for an hour or two. This will loosen the tendons and create a softer texture. You can also beat the boneless chicken breast with a mallet or rolling pin or at any rate hard object you have lying around the kitchen. This will cause the meat to be nice and soft for when you are ready to bake, pan fry, or grill your delicious piece of meat.

In closing, be sure to check out the poultry section in your local grocery store. I think you will be delighted by not only the taste, but the price.

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