Book Review – The strength of the Dhin by John L Clemmer

Book Review – The strength of the Dhin by John L Clemmer

Recently I had the pleasure of reading an adventurous science fiction book from a series that entertains in addition as creatively stimulating the mind. The following is my review of the second book in the series which turned out to be a worthy read, just as good as the first book.

Continuing his offering of intellectually arousing science fiction, author, John L. Clemmer, once again accomplishes a satisfying and entertaining narrative with his second addition to his “Dhin” series, The strength of the Dhin.

This time around, author Clemmer fully immerses readers in a more plot pushed perpetuation of the Dhin saga; albeit, he nevertheless maintains an approachable level of scientific sophistication, with this book he engages with more plot twists, action and conflict within an intelligently expansive, multiperspectived and multihabitated universe.

The story starts two years plus, ensuing the A.I. Governors departure from earth. They exited on a mission seeking to expand their existence in the galaxy with the desired Dhin technology. However, their efforts towards expansion do not come easily, as they find themselves faced with a powerful obstacle. Meanwhile, on earth, mankind has achieved the feat of reverse engineering of the Dhin technology, giving rise to the beginnings of the unfettered exploration of the great regions of space, which in turn, also leads to a dramatically discovery.

additionally, while free of the distrusted A.I. Controllers, citizens on earth continue a turmoiled existence with their lives made uncomfortable and disorganized by a without of A.I. control and a portion of the populace unable to contribute to society in much needed technical ways, those of lesser intellect keep up minimally paid jobs, forcing them to live an actuality fraught with poverty while seemingly stuck in a downcast position in society. With riots, and hacking attacks on the rise, those in strength on earth, struggle to continue control over its restless population, while clues point to the possibility of a rogue force at work and scheming, in the background.

Altogether, The strength of the Dhin turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable to read. It was a well-posed and successful continuation of the Dhin story, which I found both stimulating and engaging. Author John L. Clemmer, delivers with his balanced style of cognizant, palatable science fiction that is different in perspective, consistently creative and provides rare aspects of science fact, fiction and innovation. consequently far this is a read worthy series.

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