Building Your Business Around a complete-Time Job

Many people may get turned off from a home business because they work a complete-time job. They don’t think they’ll have any time to work a business. Or, once they start a home business, they quit – relying on the same excuse. But wait a minute. Don’t they want a home business so they can ultimately QUIT their complete-time job? How can they ever quit their job if they don’t build a business? It’s just a big course of action of procrastination. As Nike says, Just Do It!

I can relate to this scenario. When I started my network marketing business, I was, and nevertheless am, working a complete-time job. However, I’ve been successful. I started by sponsoring my first team member, and now I have a downline of over 100 entrepreneurs. To me, this is an accomplishment, as I have only been able to build my business around my job. But how, you ask? Here are a few ways I have been able to nevertheless work my business daily, while maintaining an 8-5.

First, I take action during my lunch break. I have a certain amount of time each day to leave my job and interact with the public. So, what can I do? Pick a different place every day to grab a bite to eat, and give the waitress, or cashier, or excursion-by worker, a business card. If I need to stop by the bank, the teller will get a business card in addition. Anyone I can come in contact with during that 30-minute block of time is a prospect.

This was a difficult task for me initially, simply because I wasn’t comfortable doing it. I cared too much about what the other person thought, if they’d look at me like I was weird. But, fast forward to now, I have taken the advice of one of the owners of my company, and his slogan is “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Next!” If the person I give my card to checks out my website, or calls me, great! If not, what have I lost? And it’s that easy.

Second, when I come home in the evening, after I make sure my daughter is fed and located with a book, a movie, coloring, etc., I can get on the phone. I can use this time to call leads and follow up. Many of the people I’m calling probably also work during the day, so the evening is a good time to reconnect with people I’ve already spoken with, or begin new relationships. Picking up the phone and making these calls can be very productive in building your business, so this task should be done daily in addition.

Finally, I make sure to keep in contact with my prospects by email at the minimum on a weekly basis. I can send out emails in the morning, before going to work, or in the evening when I get home. I like to send an email to announce an upcoming conference call, new product, or training series. This simple task that can be done anytime has been extremely useful for me in sponsoring new members.

The way I see it, if you work a complete-time job and want to retire early, you MUST commit to daily action steps to build your business. Consistence and persistence will bring you the income you desire. Most importantly, throw those excuses out the window, and just get started.

There are 24 hours in a day. I know you can squeeze in at the minimum one or two if you’re really serious about your dreams. If you never start running, how will you reach the finish line?

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