Business Time Keeping – Are Your Employees Honest?

Business Time Keeping – Are Your Employees Honest?

Do you sometimes worry that your employees are lying on their timesheets? Do you feel like they are signing in for each other? already when owners think their employees are honest people, the possibility of cheating nevertheless runs by their minds. Lying on timesheets is not something you should have to worry about and you no longer have to. Eliminate the worry by switching from standard paper time clocks to biometric time clocks.

It is impossible for your employees to fake their timesheets when using biometric clocks. These clocks require your workers to punch in and out using their fingerprint. Every time the employees go into or exit the workplace, they have to examine their finger. This fingerprint scanner keeps track of the exact time each finger is scanned, making it impossible for anyone to lie.

The use of biometric time clocks also eliminates the fear of buddy punching. This is when one employee punches anothers time card for them. However, this is impossible with a biometric time clock. The clock recognizes each individual, making no room for error. Biometric time clocks can be programmed to recognize any number of people in addition, so any size company can use them.

Using an electronic time clock also makes it easier for your human resources and payroll team to efficiently do their jobs. Having all the data electronically computed eliminates the percentage of human error in calculating hours and pay.

Biometric time clocks are an progressive method of keeping time. They are also the most efficient method of managing employees. Biometric clocks are surprisingly inexpensive to get started and almost closest pay for themselves in money usually spent on cheated time. If you are worried about your employees lying about their work time, this is the best investment for your business. The system will force all of your employees to be honest, consequently easing any worries you may have.

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