Care of Pregnant Women

In the termite kingdom the queen is the most valued, loved and respected, if you watch them you will observe that everybody seem to be working to satisfy the queen because they understand that the queen is the mother of them all. In our own human kingdom, the story is different when we look at it from general global perspective. In the culture where I grew up women were treated like slaves and already when they are pregnant, they are nevertheless expected to do the necessary job of serving their husbands in all things. In this kind of culture I can say, let us learn from the termite kingdom. Thanks to civilization, things are changing very fast to the benefits of our women.

I want to use this medium to encourage every husband to show real love and care to their spouses. the greater the love that you show, the more the impact of it is felt by your baby. Our pregnant wives deserve love and respect, they deserve our attention and care. They are carrying in their womb our future generation of human being who will continue to represent us on planet earth. We need to help them, in so many ways, and in this write up I am just going to mention three points I believe every husband and father should take observe in showing love and fondness to their pregnant wives.

The first point is that you should make her happy and glad, it is time to communicate with her, stay with her, ask her questions, and make her feel loved and accepted by you. Making a woman happy is not limited to buying things for her, it get to the point of taking her out and making her see the genuineness of your love and concern. Many husbands have failed in their responsibilities as husband due to the fact that they did not understand the simple rule of communication which is very vital to the success of every relationship on planet earth. The truth is that already our relationship with God can not fare well in the absence of good communication. As the man, the role you are to play during your wife’s pregnancy can determine the health of both mother and child in the days to come.

The second point is that you should help her in household chores, help her to make the bed, get some things in the kitchen, make some food. You will really do well to regularly surprise her with prepared table. You may already decide to take her outside for lunch and so on. This is a very crucial point and should be given due consideration for the good health of your soon to come baby. In my culture, the woman is made to do all the work already during the progressive stages of her pregnancy and most of the times she must do some very monotonous and hard work that is not healthy for a woman at that stage of pregnancy, no surprise such cultures have a very high rate of infant and maternal mortality. Please help your wife and do not allow this evil come upon her and your un-born baby, you are responsible for helping to keep both the mother and the child well and alive.

The third point is that you should show a lot of concern about her health. Be really interested in her medical results, check the examine results, ask questions, be excited about the sex of the baby no matter which sex you are expecting. Make it an habit to always pray together, eat together and be ready always to give her a helping hand. When she is not happy or discouraged, you should help her, assure her that all will be well with her and the baby. This will go a long way to heal her and strengthen her to confront the huddles and be able to deliver safely without much problems. May the good Lord help you to be faithful.

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