CCTV shows killer Wayne Couzens kidnapping Sarah Everard

She is caught by the dashcam footage at 9.34pm as Couzens lures her into his means.

CCTV issued by the Metropolitan Police of Wayne Couzens speaking to Sarah Everard by the side of the road in Poynders Court before he abducted her

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The car is then pictured in Dover at 11.29pm the same night.

Couzens, 48, abducted the marketing executive on her way home to her Brixton flat on the evening of March 3.

Other images revealed how Couzens drove her to Kent, killed her and dumped her body in Kent woodland.

In images shown to the court Ms Everard, 33, can be seen buying a bottle of red wine to take to a friend’s house.

Sarah Everard at the checkout in a branch of Sainsbury’s in Brixton Hill, south London

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The victim is then captured on a doorbell camera on Poynders Road, near Clapham shared, before the shocking images show her killer being ushered into his car.

Detectives meticulously drew up a time line by the images which characterize numerous sightings of Couzens in his home county of Kent.

At just before 8.30am the day after he abducted Ms Everard he is seen returning his hire car to rental business Enterprise in Dover.

The next image shows his personal car, a Seat, parked in a car park in Sandwich and him in the car park wearing a baseball cap. It is near here in a canal that a police diver recovered Ms Everard’s mobile phone.

The following day the killer on 5 March the killer is caught on B&Q store footage buying ‘clear away’ builders’ bags. He is then three days later seen on CCTV images buying a trolley from a Homebase store in Folkestone.


On March 7 at 12.55pm his Seat is seen driving along Sparrow Hatch Lane, near where he dumped Ms Everard’s body. Other images show in on May 8 in a police base in Lillie Road, west London.

Among displays the police used to catch the murderer was a role of plastic floor protector tape and the builder’s sacks. Among other details which helped to bring him to justice were some velcro straps found in his car. A picture of a petrol can was also one of the displays.

Couzens was captured on CCTV twodys after he abducted Sarah filling a jerry can with petrol at a BP Petrol forecourt in Whitfield, Dover, Kent.


The police officer burned her body in a patch of woodland near Ashford in Kent.

Couzens was arrested at his home address in Kent on May 9 initially on suspicion of kidnapping.

Ms Everard’s body was discovered in Ashford woodland just yards from where Couzens owned land.

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