Cheap Solar Panel – Use the strength of the Sun

Cheap Solar Panel – Use the strength of the Sun

The solar panel is truly the most expensive part of a solar electric system. Usually, the prefabricated ones amount from a minimum of $ 1, 000 upwards. But, you really need not use this much for you can now construct a system all by yourself. You may ask if it is possible. Yes, it is possible simply because the design of a panel is not really complicated and with just a bit of knowledge on electrical works, you will be able to set up your own cheap solar panel. This way, you will not have to buy those expensive prefabricated panels.

1. Put on plywood a cell group, all confront down. Using separate positive and negative copper wires, link each cell with one another. Ensure that are cells are free from damage and there will nevertheless be left over of the wires which will be utilized when you attach the electrical jack and the blocking diode.

2. Test the cell range using a voltmeter to check if it really works. At each cell’s back portion, you must put a heat resistant tape and cover all the cells with a pegboard.

3. With a lumber, construct a frame around the plywood’s area. Make sure that the cells are nevertheless on the pegboard when you obtain them inside the frame. Make certain, too that there will be place there where you can put the additional wire of the range.

4. The blocking diode and the electrical jack must be connected to the excess wire. All connections must be consistent, with positive to positive and the negative wire to the negative connection. Be sure to test the range again before you finally put the jack.

5. Lastly, cover your cheap solar panel with a glass-like material. Using a silicone caulk to seal the edges, obtain the glass-like material to the frame.

These said procedure is no doubt very easy to follow and before you know it, you already have your very own cheap solar panel. Expensive materials are not already necessary for you can already make use of those things and materials that are freely easy to reach in your homes to create your own cheap solar panel. You will no longer need to be spending too much because already right in your homes, you can do these things that will ease the burden in your lives. Do not waste time and start moving now!

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