Choosing the Best great number for Your Website

Picking the right web great number for your business is basic as you will be relying on them to keep you online and to sustain you when you need them. I hope this guide helps you pick a great great number…

Windows or Linux?

Once you have resolved to take the drop and create your own website, your first decision is which operating system to pick. There are two: Linux and Microsoft Windows. Linux has risen in popularity in recent years and has the advantage of being free while Microsoft Windows will include some expense.

We should dispel a associate of myths at the outset. Firstly it is not the case that those using Windows operating system must be hosted on a Windows server: whether you use Windows or Linux as your operating system you can be hosted by either Windows or Linux. Secondly, although Windows was once slower and less reliable than its open source style there is no longer any appreciable difference.

In fact the main criterion for selecting your web great number these days is the language you intend to use to construct your website. If this is either typical ASP or.NET you will get on much better with a Windows great number, but if PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl or Python is your bag your best option is Linux.

Bandwidth and Web Space

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can travel along a given internet connection in a given period of time (i.e. between the visitor and your website) and web space is how much room your site takes up on the hard disk excursion of the great number’s server. The chances are you won’t need as much of either as you think at first because new sites attract little traffic and don’t usually take up a lot of space unless they are image heavy or media based. However, sites which include videos need a great deal more bandwidth and web space than those that don’t. Be warned that hosting companies are fond of offering unlimited web space and bandwidth but their terms and conditions will always include a fair usage policy, either involving restricting capacity or additional fees. You are most likely to fall foul of this condition if your site is overloaded with videos.

Load Time

The load time of a website is of dominant importance. Your possible users and, already worse, customers, will hurriedly click on links to different sites if your home page is struggling to load onto their PCs and laptops. A hosting company with too many websites on its servers will provide poor load rates simply because of the additional pressure on its resources. Once your site is up and running you can check the speed of your server. Ask your possible great number beforehand then simply search on ‘load speed rates’ or similar for online sites which offer speed tests. If your site is slower than they indicated it would be then I would recommend moving as where.


Keeping your website obtain from hackers and others with malicious intent is basic. Any possible great number should specify exactly what steps they have taken to protect their customers’ sites. This is especially true if you intend to rely on your site for business and every interruption to your service costs you money.

Technical sustain

First class technical sustain is basic. possible hosts may offer the earth but you should check what sustain facilities they truly provide. Online chat is the quickest and most efficient, followed by phone, then email. Most will advertise round the clock sustain but that’s no guarantee that they will provide it. Send some emails at all times of the day beforehand to see how quickly they reply, and ask them for their sustain phone number. If they are reluctant to give it to you, be suspicious. Test their phone responses if you can. Poor technical sustain can consequence in a ten minute problem stretching into days with extreme consequences for a fledgling business. If you have any doubts, carry on your search.


Uptime is just as basic. If a possible great number looks promising, ask what backup systems they have for emergencies, such as a generator in case their data centre is hit by a strength cut or their technical sustain succumbing to a ‘flu epidemic. Most hosts have an uptime guarantee, usually around the 99.95% mark, and you should certainly check for this before committing to a provider. Some downtime is unavoidable to allow for updates and other maintenance.

And finally…

If a web great number looks promising, probe by searching their name on Google. The best guides are user forums where users themselves will freely give their honest opinions on particular hosts. Test your possible great number’s technical sustain and don’t be afraid to ask questions – they are selling you a product. In these straitened times price may seem important but if you intend to run a business from your website it is more important that you keep downtime to a minimum, that your site loads in the blink of an eye and that technical sustain is there when you need it. Such things could make the difference between your site floundering in its early stages and getting off the ground and thriving.

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