Church of The Living God

The church of the living God is the center of all sorts of controversies and human opinions. Despite these, the house of God remains the most basic place in the life of a born again believer. I am fully aware that the Lord can meet us at any place that we set aside to seek him but this doesn’t replace the house of God. Right from the Old Testament times when God wanted to speak to his people, they were always called to assemble in a chosen place for this purpose. The church is a place where believers dedicate unto God and come together on regular basis to worship God and have fellowship one with another. Here are six guiding principles of the church of the living God.

1. Grace is not abuse of divine institutions.

There is so much discussion on grace in relationship to the church of the living God. It’s important to understand that grace also call for accountability, order and stewardship. The casual attitudes of Christians towards God’s house on the assumption of grace is a dangerous occurrence.

The early church under the circumstances they operated on, nevertheless had a place they assembled together for worship and fellowship. We make excuses and substitutes but God nevertheless says, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people” The church of the living God is the ground and pillar of truth.

2. The desire for his church must be intentional and purposeful.

There is no place that I rather be than the church – a place set aside holy unto the Lord for worship. It’s been the center of my life for over forty one years. King Hezekiah closest he ascended to the throne, set his heart to repair the house of God he restored sacrifices, set the priest in their rightful sets and called the people back to the temple. See 2 Chronicles 29: 2-3

Once our desire towards the church of the living God is intentional and not by compulsion our sets to God’s house flow by us with joy. God succeed Hezekiah immensely when his heart was set to his house. See 2 chronicles 32: 27-10

3. The church of Christ is holy and endowed with his abiding presence.

The Lord Jesus drove away those who turned the church into a place of merchandising. Yes there are those who abuse their strength in the church for personal gains however the church of the living God remains holy. What the Lord expects of us individually pertaining to holiness, the same is expected of his physical church which is the house of God.

4. A place of answered prayers. 1 Kings 2:22-56

It doesn’t average that the Lord cannot answer prayer in any other place but the church is a rare place set aside for corporate sacrifices unto him. We know that the Lord is a spirit and also omnipresent however this house (the church) keep a place of prayer for all nations.

When you walk into the church with a hungry heart, you can always feel the intensity of his presence. The church of the living God provides us that solitude for esteemed fellowship with the Lord in prayer.

5. A place of fellowship, friendship and caring.

The Bible says except God builds his house (the church) the laborers work in vain. True Christianity come with a heart of compassion and there is no better place to demonstrate this than in the church of the living God. It starts from here and spreads to our communities and the world at large.

6. A place of rest, peace and unity. James 4:1-6

True peace abides in the church of the living God because his presence dwells there continually. The message of peace and unity are the brand in his church. The Bible says those that carry this message in the church are blessed.

We must not forsake the church of the living God for any reason. It’s in the church, that the fullness of Christ is rained down upon us, it pays to set our hearts and minds to the church than any other institution around.

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