Class C IP Address – The Warehouse of SEO Hosting

The most important part of an Internet Protocol is the Class C IP block, which manages the exact location of a system within a network over the internet. Hence for SEO hosting it is the most meaningful part to take care of in order to unprotected to higher ranks for the money-making site.

For every webmaster it’s a regular practice to check on the ranking position of his website, as it is the source of income for him, if the website fares well in the SERPs he’s going to avail lump sum business contracts else his website goes down the lane leaving him profitless. This can be possible only with Class C IP Address that can offer unlimited sets to help the money-making site rise above the competition and rule the SERPs across every search engine across the globe.

· Class C IP Address as per the name defines the third part of an IP Address, for example;

· Both of the IPs are on the same C Class and the A, B class are also same, but the most important fact here is that the A and B Class are really great and much expensive to be borne by an SEO company, so the hosting begins over the affordable and reliable set of Class C IP block of an IP address.

In SEO Hosting the Class C IP Address ensures to make every website different from the other on the same server and back link to the money-making site.

You might be thinking what is the role of a C Class IP in all of these?

1. As we all discussed here Class C IP is used to great number a domain over it for SEO hosting or web hosting in the web world for having a business to cater the online ventures.

2. When the websites are hosted from a shared Class C IP, these sites have different domain names but a shared IP and the search engine catches this as a spam when these sites together give link to a money site.

3. To conquer the stiff rules laid out by the search spiders, the SEO Hosting Company offers a set of Class C IP Addresses, from a varied range of Class C so that a webmaster can use to great number his websites across these IPs with their respective rDNS and name servers.

This way the Class C IP Address will make each IP considerably unrelated to the other IP addresses and help it rank higher with lots of visitors and much greater PR offering the best SEO Hosting.

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