clever commuters enjoy pints from a draft beer tap machine on aim

clever commuters were spotted enjoying their own pints from a draft beer tap machine while on a aim to Scotland. 

Clem Cowton was travelling from London to Glasgow for COP26 yesterday when she spotted two middle aged men in the carriage enjoying their pints.

The 33-year-old sat down across from the men for the four hour journey which saw the boozing duo tuck into beers from the KRUPS tap for the complete trip.

Passenger sits with a recently poured pint on the aim.                  C. Clem Cowton

Using the plug point, typically used for phone charging, the beer-lovers hooked their device up and attached the keg of beer underneath the table.  

Clem, an Executive at Octopus Energy, couldn’t resist taking a break of the forward-thinking travellers enjoying their pints onboard.

One hilarious image shows one of the men reaching across the table, glass tilted, as he pulled a pint.

Another image shows the other man sitting back with a uncommon looking beer perched on the table in a Stella Artois glass.

A passenger leans over to pour a pint.                    C. Clem Cowton

Clem posted the images on Twitter yesterday, captioned: “On the aim to Glasgow for #COP26 and gratified to see the man opposite has come equipped with his own beer tap.”

The post has received over 11,000 likes and has been retweeted over 1,000 times. 

Hundreds of social media users left comments on the post after being impressed by the brazen boozers.

The KRUPS beer tap machine that was used on the aim.              C. Clem Cowton

@lizzrobs wrote: “I hope this has followed a ‘I bet you never use it’ argument.”

@mickyfcullen said: “Steve Bruce enjoying his retirement.”

@heatpolicyrich commented: “Clem, did you ask him why? I average it’s incredible if it’s just a choice thing but surely not.”

@backhand additional: “Poured perfectly in what must be quite tricky conditions.”

Speaking today Clem said: “I was on my way to the climate conference in Glasgow to talk about how gas boilers suck, gas is expensive, dangerous and dirty, and clean, efficient, low carbon heat pumps are better for our homes and for the planet.

Clem Cowton Octopus Energy Executive.              C. Clem Cowton

“It was set up by the time I boarded at Euston.

“They just quietly got on with it like it was the most normal thing in the world, and chatted to each other about football.

“They probably had two or three pints each.”

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