Cloncom Phone Card Company – Are They Reliable?

Cloncom first started business back in 2002. They are considered comparatively new in the industry but they are quickly gathering a large following of customers everyday. Cloncom offers a great selection of phone cards to consumers in need of long distance an international phone cards. The reason why Cloncom is successful then most of their competitors is because they are able to brand their own phone card labels. basically they do not resell products but produce their own. Why is this important? Since there are no third party vendors Cloncom has better supervision over quality control over the products that you buy.

What most people do not realize is that there are many phone card companies who are basically resellers with absolutely no control over the quality of the products they offer to consumers. So anyone with the right budget and web know-how can put up a website to sell phone cards. Usually these types of companies are not capable of handling customer care issues.

Customer service is very important for any product and more so for phone cards. Cloncom has a 24×7 customer service that is toll free. I had to mention that as most phone card companies do not offer such sets. I’ve truly called their customer service a few time because I did have some questions about certain phone cards. Each time I never had to wait more than a few minutes.

Cloncom provides electronic phone cards only. What this method is that once you make your buy, you will receive a telephone access number and a PIN number by email. One great point I have to bring up is that a Cloncom representative will call you to make sure you are the owner of the credit card before your transaction is fully completed. They usually call within a few minutes. I think this is a great way to fight credit card fraud and protect you as a consumer.

Finally I have to mention that Cloncom is the only top phone card company that does not charge you any processing fees for your orders. There are many phone card companies that charge a $1 or $2 processing fee if you do not buy over a certain minimum. This is just one of the many ways Cloncom saves their customers money.

So is Cloncom reliable? With such a good standing in the phone card industry backed by 24×7 customer sustain and great quality phone cards I can say with complete confidence that they certainly are.

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