Contract awarded for new £29.5m bridge linking Partick and Govan

The contract to build a new bridge re-establishing the historic link between Partick and Govan has been awarded by Glasgow City Council.

Farrans “Construction” Ltd will rule the £29.5million project to create a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Clyde between Water Row in Govan and Pointhouse Quay in Partick.

The council say the bridge will be economically, environmentally and socially important as it will create a link between communities, visitor attractions and institutions of “national economic importance”.

It will provide a meaningful active travel route between the University of Glasgow’s campus at Gilmorehill and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

The council said 10 contractors submitted bids, with the top five scoring of these invited to submit a tender.

Three did, with Farrans (Construction) Limited achieving the highest score on criteria which included price, quality, design, construction impact, quality control and fair work practices.

Works are expected to begin on-site in January 2022, with project completion towards the end of 2023.

The new bridge is a Glasgow City vicinity City Deal project, with funding awarded by the Scottish and UK Government.

A total of 143 construction jobs will be produced including five new apprentices and a new graduate school mentoring work placement.

The investment in the Govan to Partick Bridge complements, public and private sector investments including the hypothesizedv £100million Therme development at Glasgow Harbour, and proposals for more than 1,000 homes at Yorkhill Quay.

The council say the new crossing will consequence in a 23% increase in jobs that are easy to reach within a 20-minute walk of Govan Cross and an 87% increase in the number of jobs within a 10-minute cycle of Govan Cross.

Councillor Susan Aitken, Chair of the Glasgow City vicinity Cabinet, said: “The award of this contract will mark a meaningful stage in a project which will be transformative for the Clyde waterfront and the city vicinity. 

“The Govan – Partick Bridge will not only provide an active travel connection between the West End and the South Side of the city, but will directly create new jobs, apprenticeships, training and other opportunities, in addition as complementing a number of other current or forthcoming major regeneration projects that stretch all the way from the University of Glasgow to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.”

Final approval of the contract will be considered at the Glasgow City vicinity Cabinet on 7 December.




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