Controlling Mice

Controlling Mice

Once mice find a way to go into your home – which could happen by only a tiny crack or hole in a wall, foundation or window screen, they are apt to make nests in unused corners of your home and they can exist on insignificant crumbs.

The meaningful to mice control consequently, is preventing them from entering your home in the first place. This can be done by sealing possible entrances, keeping your home clutter free in places where nesting could occur, and removing their food supplies.

Control mice by preventing them from entering

Doors: If you like to have your doors open during the summer months to let in the breeze, be sure to install screen doors to keep out unwanted pests.

Windows. Critters can go into a house by a window thats open and unscreened. already if the window is screened, inspect screens for holes big enough to provide entrance for a mouse. Use steel wool or hardware cloth, followed by caulking to fill any gaps around the window frame.

Concrete foundation: fractures or fractures in your homes concrete foundation, especially near windows and entryways could be used to go into. A good mice control strategy is to use strong repair materials such as sheet metal, hardware cloth or concrete mortar, and seal any holes you find that are bigger than 6.4mm.

Cable and drain outlets, vents and chimneys: Holes made for cables into the home should be caulked and sealed as should any other holes produced for running pipes and drains. Use metal screening to prevent entry via vents and chimneys.


Clutter: Unused areas of the home are perfect to build a nest. Removing clutter will make your home less inviting for nesting. Clutter includes stored items, especially those in cardboard boxes, which they can chew by. Clothing and other stored items should be contained in plastic, sealed containers that cannot grant access. Old furniture that is not being used and piles of newspaper or magazines can be attractive for building a nest.

Floors and carpets: Crumbs, spills and already household dirt can be attractive. Its important to disinfect floors and vacuum carpets often. Also, dont neglect garage cleanings – they can go into the home from the garage and then find a way into the main living area. Best to keep the garage floor swept clean!

Limiting supplies of Food

Kitchen and pantry: The most likely source of food in your house is in the kitchen! consequently, never store boxes of food on the floor. Make sure everything is kept on shelves or in cabinets. Grains, pastas, nuts and other dry goods should be stored in containers with tight lids.

Garbage: The smell of trash can attract, so use a trashcan that has a lid – and take out the garbage frequently.

Pet food: Cat and dog food can also be inviting, if left sitting out for extended periods of time.

Natural supplies of food: Control mice by preventing them in discovering good things to eat outside, such as: nuts and berries that have dropped from trees, birdseed or grass seed in storage. Make sure to keep possible food supplies stored away and cleaned up promptly. When food supplies are scarce they will look in other places.

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