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Corrie fans overjoyed as killer Corey Brent finally arrested

CORONATION Street fans are overjoyed after Seb Franklin’s killer Corey Brent was finally caught and charged with the crime.

The killer footballer – who is played by actor Maximus Evans in the ITV soap – was trying to flee the country to escape justice for kicking Seb to death. Ushered into the van by Eli’s dad, they had no idea Gary was there to take over and deliver them to the police.

“I should be playing golf today,” said Stefan, outraged at the impact on his own life. Instead I’m hiding in the back of a van trying to sneak you out of the country to save your skin in addition again. If this truly works and you get away.

“And truly become a footballer in a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty, I want an Aston Martin. And a beach house.”

But before he could finish his laundry list of pay offs he wanted for helping his son escape murder charges, the van came to a stop.

Realising something was wrong, Stefan began to panic. And when the doors opened, it was revealed they were at Weatherfield police stop – and Corey was finally arrested.

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