Could Affordable Multi Domain Hosting Save You A Fortune?

Could Affordable Multi Domain Hosting Save You A Fortune?

Anyone that has several sites or aims to at some point in the future should really be looking at affordable multi domain hosting. There are a few benefits but the main one is that it can save you a small fortune. Read on for a complete example of how much you could save.

For those with no idea what I’m talking about basically multi domain hosting method that instead of one website per account you can great number many sites on one account, meaning you only have one fee to pay – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Here is an example of the kind of savings you can make:

Lets say you have 9 web sites or blogs, each of which is hosted on its own account and those accounts cost $5 a month. That will cost you $45 a month. Now instead of paying $5 lets instead say we pay $8 for multi domain hosting. You can great number all 7 sites on the one $8 account meaning your 7 sites cost you $7 each month.

Thats a difference of $37 per month, which is a huge saving. Work it out over the length of a complete year and you will really understand the savings you can make with multiple site hosting. Is there a downside? Well maybe if your sites where all very popular and had large amounts of traffic then you could have bandwidth problems. For the majority of webmasters though this won’t be the case.

It isn’t expensive either, the $8 monthly fee in my example is not a number I have come up with out of thin air. Affordable multi domain hosting can save you a small fortune especially if you find a reliable service. So if you have numerous sites my only question is – What are you waiting for?

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