Dedicated cPanel Makes Your Job Easy

Dedicated cPanel Makes Your Job Easy

When you decide to build your blog on a top level domain, the first thing you have to select is your hosting provider. Many hosting companies claim that they give you a cPanel that will make your work easy and they offer very cheap domain names to bring you into the fold. But once you sign on and try to work on your site, you find that you keep getting bumped off every five minutes or so. This is how they offer such a cut-rate price – they keep kicking you off the server.

Having built sites on some of these “cheaper” hosting sites, I can only tell you that it is extremely frustrating to be right in the middle of a blog build and then get an error, prompting a sign on function again. Now, I understand that these hosts should kick you off if you have been idle for ten minutes or so – but this particular great number kicked me off while I was right in the middle of uploading images or writing code for pages. bothersome.

There are already worse options out there – those that offer you free hosting if you register your domain with them. Once you sign on to one of these, you will find out that you have less than 3 gigs of memory and 1 gig of bandwidth. One rotating banner will use up that bandwidth in no time at all if you have already the smallest amount of traffic. All of a sudden, your banner no longer loads – and the only way to fix it is to pay an unreasonable amount for more bandwidth. Other than that, you will have to move your top level domain to another great number – and though it can be done, there can be many hitches along the way and your site may be down during the change.

The point of this article is to reiterate the old adage “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” – or “the cheap comes out expensive.” Do your research, before you sign on for that cheap domain registration – check out what the hosting package includes.

Make no decision based on domain name registrations alone.

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