Disadvantages of Procrastination

What are some of things we consider as important in our life? Have you ever thought about doing more exercise or perhaps going on a diet plan? Or maybe have you thought that it was time for a holiday but it never happens? In one way or another, we all have faced challenges in getting some of our priority things done. We all have things that we know are good for us but we never end up doing it. So what is that enemy we have? It is procrastination.

Procrastination usually has nothing to do with your ability to unprotected to. However, very often, it acts like a chain that holds us back and prevents us from moving forward.

Usually the things that we procrastinate about can be done right away or can be done by simply managing our time better. But we choose to wait with the expectation that we will ultimately get to do it someday. The reality is the more things we delay, the more we will tend to procrastinate. Procrastination usually leads to some kind of regret in the future of not taking any action. It can also cause a sense of hopelessness believing that we are not capable and unable to change our situation.

In order to prevent ourselves from procrastination, we need to remove the mental barriers we have. We need to build a sense of direction in our life on where we want to go with our life. without of directions is very shared for many living a life without any purpose except for the daily routines that we typically do. If we continue to procrastinate, we get retained in our daily routine and it becomes very hard to see improvements in our life. We become happy with the norm and fearful of changes in our life. Contentment is a good thing to have but it should not cause us to be stagnant in our life.

Lastly, if you are finding it hard to escape procrastination, try to ask some of your friends or family to help you get by it. Tell them your goals and ask for advice on how to conquer obstacles. If you are after something a bit more structured, you can choose to get a coach to help you get by the situation.

Remember, at all event you do, believe that you are able to get there. Take the small steps first if you have to until you become more confident in taking bigger ones.

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