Volunteer is nowadays a kind of community activity that attracts a large number of attendants from different age group on the basis of its huge advantages. In the first place, voluntary work provides adolescents many precious opportunities to develop social skills, foster independence and form the ability to deal with difficulties in different situations. Simultaneously, every member will be taught how to work in a team, the way to make conversation or the responsibility of finishing a task. The experience you gain will be valuable for your future, and, hence tackles serious problems in later life and ameliorates your quality of work. In addition, volunteer requires us kindness, determination, flexibility and a sense of moral responsibility to adapt to something new, thus improving our character as well as our ability. What is more, you can widen your relationship by making new friends through regular activities of clubs or organizations. You can also have a chance to travel more, have great adventures, approach something new or explore more interesting things you have not experienced before. In conclusion, the number of people applying for voluntary work has been on the increase in recent years and in the future, this figure is expected to rise higher when more people can realize profound effects of volunteering on the lives of individuals.


Tin đăng gần đây

  • 350 T15 An Phú Đông Q.12 TP.HCM
2,750.00$ (Fixed)
  • 350 T15 An Phú Đông Q.12 TP.HCM
9.98$ (Fixed)
  • Tĩnh lộ 8, CỦ CHI
5,400,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Thạnh Xuân 38, Phường Thạnh Xu...
108,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Nguyễn thị kiểu, Phường tân Th...
260,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Phan Văn Hớn, Phường Tân Thới ...
800,000.00$ (Negotiable)
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