Donate In recent decades, there is a sharp increase in the number of people taking part in volunteering on account of some wonderful benefits that voluntary work can bring us as follows. In the first place, volunteering is beneficial to both mental and physical health. It has been shown that people will enjoy higher life satisfaction when being helpful to others, which allows them to get rid of stress, anxiety and depression. Secondly, volunteering builds a strong relationship among humans. It is easy to make friends with the same hobbies or purposes. That is why voluntary work is the perfect opportunity for people who are so shy and afraid of connecting with other people. Last but not least, people can gain work experiences and better career development. Such life skills can be gained through this activity as teamwork, problem-solving, time-management. Volunteering gives people free chances to try out new fields, testing new jobs to find the most suitable one in the future. To conclude, there are numerous personal benefits that people can gain by doing volunteer work so it is encouraged that people should spend some free time to take part in this meaningful activity.

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