Don’t Let Anyone Kill Your Inner Child

Don’t Let Anyone Kill Your Inner Child

The concept of Creativity and Killing are total opposite ends of the spectrum but many artists and people alike put them together.

So what does creativity and killing have to do with killing the inner child? Everything. See many times we get great ideas such as I’m going to take some clothes and paint them a certain way and offer them for sale to help a charity. The first associate of minutes your complete of energy ready to put your wonderful, brand-new, life changing idea out into the world. Next you don’t like most people do and say to a friend. Hey, I have this idea to put paint on clothes and sell it. The friend usually says oh, that’s a good idea but so and so tried it and failed or it’ has already been done before. Then what most people do is take that great idea and throw it in the trash can.

It doesn’t matter how many good ideas came before your idea or are similar to your idea. You nevertheless have to do you idea. Just because someone puts paint on clothes and offers them to charity maybe your clothes will be different or your clothes will sustain different charitable causes. Most people don’t think like this they say to themselves this idea is no good just like all my other failed ideas. The meaningful to remember is any idea not given life will die. Which brings me back to my original point of not allowing anyone to kill your inner child.

When you were a kid if you got the idea to put mustard on apple pie you did it. If you got the idea to take your toy or doll and paint it at any rate color you wanted you did it. But as you got older you learned what was important. You learned what was considered permissible standards for your profession or art. Slowly but surely the spontaneity in you dies and withers away until you are a mechanical robot, with others putting in input and you spurting out the same contrived and manufactured answers. Now this isn’t a call to do at any rate you want, but I reminder to listen to the inner child. That small nevertheless voice that tells you to like at the problem from the non traditional way. Next time you have a problem look at it the way a child would. Remember don’t let anyone kill your inner child.

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