Enhancing Revenue Growth, Cost Efficiency, and Compliance

Enhancing Revenue Growth, Cost Efficiency, and Compliance

As the head of retail banking, you know how challenging today’s financial marketplace has become. Industry globalization has heated up competition, and regulations have become more complicate. To thrive in this ecosystem, your bank needs sustainable differentiation and the flexibility to respond quickly as business requirements change.

Transactional banking applications within the SAP for Banking solution portfolio provide cross-divisional e-business sustain for integrating your chief banking processes. sustain for marketing, sales, and service strategies helps you acquire new customers, retain the customers you have, and increase customer wallet proportion. The applications enhance profitability with straight-by processing, while integrated reporting and examination roles help you navigate today’s complicate regulatory maze.

The SAP for Banking solution portfolio helps edges attract, sustain, and retain customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. In addition to enhancing revenue growth, the transactional banking applications within SAP for Banking provide the time of action and operational efficiency you as head of retail banking need to cut costs and turn today’s complicate regulatory ecosystem into a strategic advantage.

Customer-Oriented Account Origination
The recent decline in customer loyalty to any one bank makes it more important than ever for you to clarify your most valuable customers and increase product sales to them by individually tailored products and personalized service. The account origination roles in SAP for Banking permit you to connect front- and back-end processes from marketing campaigns to account acceptance and help you continue focus on the customer. With SAP for Banking, you estimate customer data and objectives, and estimate and validate risks. You can create individually tailored customer offers and produce the resulting account contracts.

SAP for Banking automates your marketing efforts including planning, budgeting, and executing marketing programs. Product development roles let you promote the appropriate financial products for individual market segments by customer contact centers, direct marketing campaigns, field sales, telephone sales, fax campaigns, the Internet, and personal visits. A Web-based front-end application gives employees consistent access across all channels to information about the bank’s products, offers, prices, conditions, and business partners. roles for aftersales follow-up and service allow you to manage backoffice responsibilities as an integrated whole, with the focus of each transaction always on the customer. SAP for Banking tracks and assesses all data related to your customers, your product portfolio, and business transactions in spite of of whether the information resides in legacy, third-party, or SAP® software.

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