Evil Company Corrupts Good Habits

Evil Company Corrupts Good Habits

A shared proverb in the ancient world, “Evil Company Corrupts Good Habits” is derived from a comedy written by the popular Greek author Meander (342 – 292 B.C.). But there is nothing funny about the methodic emotional and mental destruction of prisoners in the California prison system.

The label recently given to the growing cluster of American gulags in California by those with authority to assign labels is California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. before there was no “Rehabilitation” affixed, which would leave the average free citizen to believe that some sort of “corrections” or form of transubstantiation had occurred.

Not so! It was a bloody mess in the beginning, and it’s a bloody mess now. Labels be damned!

There needs to be a complete gentrification of prisons. California prisons are filled with gang members, drug dealers, liars, thieves, instigators, and a large number of horrid degenerates – and that’s just the correctional staff and administrators. There will always be enough timber to fuel the fires of negativity relating to prisoners, so I will forego any flame-fanning at this time.

Let’s be very clear about this. Prisoners do not rehabilitate other prisoners. This would be like finding the finest naturally formed pearl buried deeply underground in the middle of the Sahara inside the belly of a pig – a total anomaly.

What may surprise most people generally is that it would be just as much of an irregularity to discover correctional staff or administrators making any genuine attempt(s) at rehabilitating prisoners.

With the deck already stacked against prisoners, and ultimately against society, (the majority of prisoners WILL one day be released), it only gets worse. In very simple terms “Rehabilitate” method “To restore to a former capacity.”

Many prisoners (I would speculate most) have absolutely nothing worthy of restoration in their lives having started out life under wholly undesirable circumstances and conditions. Some already began on a path of deviance inside the womb, thanks to an alcohol or drug addicted mother. From where does their rehabilitation come?

As it stands, presently, the best company a prisoner can keep is the worst company he can keep. Some incarcerated men do in fact make true efforts to cultivate good habits just for the sake of goodness. But how far can such efforts be expected to take him when the “company” he directly or indirectly keeps is increasingly destructive and opposed to goodness? I remind you that I am referring to everyone around the prisoner – staff included.

What would happen to jobs and the overall economy of California if authentic rehabilitation of prisoners were initiated? For one, prisons would have to be shut down, and recidivism would become an unfamiliar information. But don’t be fooled, somewhere in the ark corners of small minds, the idea of rehabilitation is truly quite unsavory.

Not only are jobs within the CDCR prisons open to almost any kind of person (providing they can lock and unlock a door or gate, fire a bullet into another person, or string up red tape all over the place…) judges and juries are sending complete and undeserving people to these houses of horror in addition! (Yes, I said “complete“.)

Prior to hiring anyone for any position within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the applicant should undergo two mandatory requirements (among other requirements).

  1. Extensive psychological evaluation on every obtainable level.
  2. Serve a required three months in a California prison as an actual prisoner.

To truly know what it takes to effectuate positive change in a man, e.g. “rehabilitation” one would need to know intellectually if not experientially how that man arrived at a state of decline and what he is going by now.

If my suggestions seem extreme, they are. I’ll submit to that. But what measures are we willing to take to ensure out personal safety and the stellar evolution of future generations?

This is barely already a beginning.

What about prisoners? From my unprofessional standpoint, many male prisoners seem to have compulsive behavioral problems or marginal mental disorders (maybe manic depressive?). If so, why on earth are they in prison? To be punished or “corrected” for a crime likely to have been committed as a direct consequence of their treatable behavioral or mental disorder?

These men are lumped together with tough guys who employed complete cognitive reasoning as they broke the law.

Punishment is absolutely necessary for some who have been convicted of crimes, but treatment would better suit others. It’s just not good sense to continue putting everyone in warehouses (prisons) who is convicted of crimes.

already the fully cognitive tough guys deserve treatment of some sort (not necessarily [psychotropic] prescription drugs).

Prison staffers deserve (and dare I say NEED) some sort of treatment for the stresses they give birth to as a consequence of juxtaposing family life with their job and vice versa.

There is predominantly bad company everywhere one looks within the California prison system. For those staff members and prisoners making up the minority who genuinely seek to cultivate good habits, an indomitable spirit may not be enough.

Everyone needs to care. Anyone who is quick to dismiss the complete prison paradigm as unworthy of their attention, I would ask that you seriously re-consider.

Whether one takes the view that we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder, or that we are make in the image of God – both describe wonderful beings. But we could be already more wonderful human beings if we make the conscious daily decision to care about each other…and do something about it.

Have a wonderful day.

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