Fanned Flue Gas Fires

Fanned Flue Gas Fires

As the popularity of gas fires is increasing, people are now interested in buying the most modern and technically sound gas fires. The age of wood or coal fired gas fires have long been over now. Same is the case with the old style chimneys that used to extend from the roof and looked rather awkward. People, though nevertheless interested in letting out the flue gases produced during the combustion, want a more progressive outlet. Fanned flue gas fires are just a good solution for that.

Fanned flue gas fires are manufactured with two basic designs. The first design is based on the old style surface mounted structure in which the flue is discharged outside either by a chimney or by a hid hole in the sidewall. In modern homes, the hid outlet is more common as compared to the chimneys. The second design is a side flue expulsion system that is used in homes with limited space or in absence of a proper rear flue outlet.

They use the concept of strength flue that is an open fronted gas mechanism that uses an electric spark for combustion and consequently thoroughly runs on electricity. The fan system is encased into the structure that expels the flue. The system works efficiently under all situations and can run on natural gas in addition as electricity.

If you are interested in installing a fanned flue gas fire in your house, do look over these tips as they can help you in understanding the whole occurrence of gas fires and their accessories.

o Before installing a fanned flue gas fire in your house, estimate the places where you want to place them. Most people want gas fires in their living rooms and bedrooms. These are also the perfect places as we use most of our time in them.

o Another thing to look is the outlet features given in your home. If there is a chimney then you will not have to do a lot of work. You can simply install a fanned flue gas fire in the allocated place and the flue would be discharged in to the air by this chimney. Otherwise, you can create an outlet by yourself. Side flue can be used in places if there is no possibility of making an outlet.

o Similarly, the choice of electricity or natural gas thoroughly depends on you. Electricity would definitely be a more costly option as compared to natural gas. You can also pick the design of the gas fire and the finish, among other things. Some fanned flue gas fires are obtainable with a manual control and are obtainable at lower rates. Automated gas fires are more expensive, but are totally hassle free. They also come with the most modern designs and features.

o You should also keep the efficiency factor in mind with a gas fire having an efficiency rate of at the minimum 70%. Poor heating and huge expenditures are the consequence of lower efficiency.

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