Feeling This 182 – 7 Great Tips to Write Songs Like Blink 182

Feeling This 182 – 7 Great Tips to Write Songs Like Blink 182

Blink 182‘s “Feeling This” is the first track on their self-titled debut album that sold millions of copies world-wide. Seriously, how is Blink 182 creating hits like this over and over again?

Don’t feel discouraged that you haven’t made it however. This just takes dedication and a steady work ethic. Follow these 7 songwriting tips and you might find your next song on the charts next to Blink 182.

1. Try different recording effects.

Do you feel that your guitar or piano riffs are just dry and boring. Why not try some recording magic? If we add some delays, phasers, or flanges to this boring tune, maybe things will turn around.

2. Switch singing and instrument melodies.

Sometimes, to get a new perspective on things, Blink 182 may use instrument melodies as singing melodies or vice versa. Try switching your melodies and see if they fit and feel better in the song.

3. Listen to music outside of the genre.

Have you depleted every chord progression you can possibly think of? If you’re just not feeling it, listen to something completely opposite of your home genre. You might find something that will get your eyes blinking again.

4. Try writing your lyrics first.

Blink 182 rarely writes their lyrics first, but it works great for Elton John. See if you can take a more poetic approach by reversing your composition course of action.

5. Use your song introduction to grab attention.

If the introduction to Blink 182’s “Feeling This” did not grab attention when fans heard it, why would they continue listening? A song is like a first impression. If your introduction is a dud, no one will want to listen again.

6. Instrumental sections should be used tastefully.

Now, I have heard instrumental sections that compliment song compositions tremendously, but sometimes they just feel terrible. Use your these sections tastefully so as to not annoy your listeners.

7. Use instrument solos if you have the talent.

Blink 182 keeps their instrumental sections modest because Tom Delonge is not the greatest guitar player in the world. If you don’t have the talent to pull off a solo, don’t worry. Pump up all the other sections of your tune to create a powerhouse song.

“Feeling This” may not be the best song ever made, but it shows that Blink 182 knows how to write music. If you follow these 7 songwriting tips and keep a focused mind, there’s no telling where your songs may take you.

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