Filing Bankruptcy To Stop Unruly Debt Collectors

Filing Bankruptcy To Stop Unruly Debt Collectors

In 2010 there was over 1.5 million bankruptcy situations filed in the United States. With all these people filing bankruptcy you have to surprise how many debt collection companies are out there calling people daily. The facts are, the average debt collector makes about 200 calls per day and if the person works complete-time that works out to be 50,000 calls per year. It would be impossible to dial this many phone calls. Most debt collection companies use auto dialers to allow them to get this many calls out per day. The company will load the auto dialer with a list of clients that are behind on their bills.

The dialers start dialing and once someone answers the phone it’s forwarded to a live debt collector. When the call is finished the next call that’s already in the queue will be forwarded on to the same debt collector. This law allows them to use their time trying to collect money instead of dialing and waiting for someone to answer. The problem with all this is in many situations it violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It is a violation to use an auto dialer to call a cell phone number or any number that does not belong to the debtor. Many times collection companies will call friends and family and already the debtor at work. All of these constitute a violation of the TCPA.

Nowadays, there is a high rate of default on credit cards and loans. All of these defaults end up on the desk of a debt collector who uses different methods to try and collect the debt. The most shared way that collectors beat up on debtors is on the telephone. Filing bankruptcy will stop all these calls. Once a bankruptcy is filed the automatic stay goes into place and creditors will be in violation if they contact the debtor. This is one of the main reasons why people file bankruptcy. Creditors have become more and more aggressive with all their phone calls making threats that many times scare the debtor into paying the creditor money that should be going to their rent. Debtors get so frustrated they stop answering their phone. The stress of not being able to answer your phone or open your mail can many times be overwhelming. That’s why the strength of filing bankruptcy will relieve the stress on the debtor allowing them to get back some normalcy in their life and allow them to answer the phone again.

Being buried under a mountain of debt can be overwhelming to many consumers. Finding a way out of this debt is enlightening. When the phone calls begin and you feel like there’s no way out the first step would be to consult a bankruptcy lawyer to see if there is a chapter that will help you get out of debt. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re being served papers by your creditors. When it comes to finances be proactive and hit it head on. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy only takes 4 to 6 months from beginning to end and many times will put you on the road to becoming debt-free.

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