Finding Cheap Ways to Get Firewood

Finding Cheap Ways to Get Firewood

If you’re like me you love building outdoor fires often, however it can get quite expensive if you have to buy your own firewood or other fuel supplies to build these fires. Nonetheless there are simple ways that you can get cheap firewood and all you need are the proper tools and time. Some cheap ways to acquire firewood are to use trees on your own character, trees that are already down in the local area in addition as finding logs thrown away in your local landfill. Below I will go in-thoroughness on how these can be some cheap ways to have a great time with outdoor fires without taking too much out of your wallet.

The first way mentioned was acquiring firewood from trees on your own character. The first thing you have to do is check with your local laws and regulations on cutting trees to make sure you’re not doing anything illegal or required to pay a fine later. Many times if there are restrictions all you have to do is file a permit which is usually cheaper than purchasing firewood. Once you’ve done that you’re free to make your choice on which tree or trees you’d like to cut. Now I would only suggest felling your own tree if you have the proper training or experience or supervision from an arborist. If you do not have any of these qualifications listed above I would suggest hiring a specialized. Now once the tree is down you should begin cutting the logs into smaller sections closest.

Another way to acquire cheap firewood is to keep your eyes peeled when driving around for trees that are already down. Now when you find a tree that is down there a associate things you need to do such as asking for permission from the landowner, making sure the tree is not termite infested or decaying and finally in a place which you can work easily. You definitely want to ask the landowner’s permission before you start removing the wood from the area as this can be a big liability and legal matter. Once you have permission from the owner you really want to make sure that the wood is not termite infested as you could bring that threat to your home which could cost you thousands of dollars in pest control and repairs in the future. You can easily tell if there are termites by looking at the wood and seeing if their small holes or tracks along the wood. If you can’t tell from the outside try cutting a small section and looking at the inside of the wood and you’ll be able to see small holes or voids in the wood which will give you a better idea if their termites are present. decaying wood tends to be very soft and very easy to improving which is not a good choice of wood for you to use. Once you’ve made sure that the wood is good, cut it into manageable sections and load it into the back your truck for transportation. You can divided the wood once you’re at your own character.

Another good source for acquiring free firewood is your local landfill or yard waste dump. Many tree trimming and tree removal companies dump their wood at local landfills to dispose of them so all you have to do is call the landfill and see if you can pick them up. One warning to this is that many times once these companies drop off the wood the landfill will course of action the logs into mulch to get rid of the waste easier. All this method is that you have to go in earlier in the morning so that you can have your pick of the logs. This is a great way to get firewood that is usually already cut into smaller sections and as always make sure that the wood is not rotten or infested with bugs.

Once you’ve acquired all the logs that you need, start splitting them, stacking them and drying them out. You can refer to my other article entitled “How to dry firewood” also on this web site.

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