Florida Energy Star Rebate for Air Conditioning (Cash For Clunkers)

Florida Energy Star Rebate for Air Conditioning (Cash For Clunkers)

An amazing opportunity has arisen for consumers that are in the market for a new air conditioning system in the State of Florida. Besides the already substantial savings that perspective customers can capitalize on which are the Florida strength and Light Rebate and the Federal Tax Credit, Florida has now unveiled the Cash For Clunkers $1500 Energy Star Rebate.

This rebate, however, does have a catch. First of all the new system must meet all of the criteria required to get the Federal Tax Credit. A new Manual J Heat Load Calculation must be performed to confirm the correct amount of cooling BTU’s required for the specific application which is a no brainer and comparatively inexpensive. The catch is that the duct work must be tested (after the new system is installed) and must not leak more that 15% of the total quantity of air. That wouldn’t be much of a problem either but only a Class 1 Rater is qualified to do the test and there only a small ratio of those guys in relation to the amount of Air Conditioning companies in Florida. Not only that, but the testing in itself is expensive. I found that companies are charging anywhere from $175 to $500 and now that they are in high need, I wouldn’t be surprised if the prices increase. For exact qualification requirements please call us at Modern AC Technology.

I found that some of the Air Conditioning Companies are assuring their prospective customers that it is easy and that they won’t run into problems but in all actuality, that is not true. Being the owner of an Air Conditioning Company myself and giving all fairness to other AC Contractors, I hope that there are not many companies out their that are telling customers that just to make the sale.

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