Four Things You Must Do When Moving Into a New Home

Four Things You Must Do When Moving Into a New Home

Most people when moving into a new home will line-up all the necessary utilities to make their new home life more livable. Whether is securing a Northern Kentucky pest control company, a Cincinnati pest control company, Duke Energy, Time Warner Cable or the local newspaper deliver, there is much to think about before moving into a new home. There are other responsibilities that should be tackled that will also make life easier and safer, if they are performed prior to a move-in date. The four top jobs that should be completed before moving in are tackling flooring projects, thorough cleaning, maintenance of household systems and checks of all safety devices.

Major projects, such as replacing carpet and refinishing hardwood floors, are messy and require removal of all furniture. Completing this kind of job while a home is empty is not only easier to conduct, it also can save the homeowner time and money. Many companies charge additional dollars for the labor to remove or rearrange furniture prior to starting a job. They also require additional time to complete the project. When refinishing or replacing hardwood floors, there is a period of time where there can be no one present in the home due to the chemicals used on the floors. Again, by completing these kind of projects while the home is empty, the homeowners can save themselves the headache and financial burden of finding another residence and/or storage for their furniture while the project is taking place.

While flooring projects may not impact all new homeownership, thorough cleaning is something everyone who purchases a home should do prior to moving into it. Kitchen cabinets, closets, basements and garages will never be empty again once it becomes occupied by the new homeowners. It is the one opportunity to scrub dirt and mildew off of surfaces and make them feel like new. Every space in the new home will feel fresh, clean and in something perfect. All signs of the past owners will be searched by away. The homeowners will have a new start with great organization and cleanliness to match.

The behind the scenes household maintenance is equally important to check, clean and replace, if necessary, prior to moving into a home. The air ducts, once cleaned and checked, will supply clean air breathing for a family. It will also reduce the amount of future dust and dirt that will collect on furniture, in carpets and in the new homeowners lungs. Air filters in the HVAC systems should be replaced in addition. Not only will this enhance the quality of the cool and warm air it emits, it will also help prolong the life of the system itself. The long term benefits of this for the homeowner are both financial and quality of living. Also, if a home has a septic system, it should be drained and checked. This will let the new homeowner know that this system is operating correctly and there won’t be any unexpected catastrophes in their new basement.

Lastly, a new homeowner should replace all batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors prior to moving into their new home. This will let them rest easy a night, knowing their family is safe and all protective devices are in proper working order.

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